Monday, April 18, 2011

P is for Passion Fruit

I was a little torn on what to do my P post about. I have three ideas. First was a post on myself. Branch out and tell a little more about me. What I like to do, my jewelry making and other hobbies. Second was pet writing peeves. I have this quirk about chapter lengths. They have to be nearly the same length and if I'm switching perspectives I have to be consistent. Third ties into number two because it's a query for another story. Right now on that story my chapter lengths and POV perspectives are out of whack. It is driving me BONKERS!

But I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about myself. It just seemed self-serving. Pet writing peeves... it just felt like I was being bitchy. And the query... Gah, I've worn myself out on queries. The story I would write a query, Path of Angels, is a four part story - short stories. And I mean short. Think 20K words (and you should know short for me usually means 50K.) That means what I need to do is write a query for each part.

So I have three P topics and each one I don't feel like writing about any of them. So what should I talk about? Hmm... there's a word in my searchbar: Passion Fruit.

I have yet to try this fruit but a friend gave it raving review. He said he understood why it was called Passion Fruit. An orgasm for your mouth! He also warned to use a spoon. I'm thinking I should try this fruit out. I tend to like 90% of the fruit I try. I love strawberries and watermelon, kiwis are good and I've tried mangos. Blackberries and raspberries... unless they are mixed in with something not so much. So what does this mystery fruit look like? Let me go search out a few pictures. I have to warn you despite the rave review of my friend, the inside looks a little icky.

Anyone want to give it a try? I've heard good things.


  1. They taste good, you should try it.

    Moody Writing

  2. I agree, the inside looks strange, but I think I've had passion fruit juice before, and it's good. Or maybe I'm making that up.

    I have the same quirk about chapter lengths, especially when it comes to different characters!

    - allison writes

  3. You stole my P post :P

    Seriously, go try them. I might buy some more today.

  4. Be sure to let the passion fruit ripen and wrinkle a few days so it's sweeter.
    In Hawaii, POG juice is a favorite: passion, orange, guava juices mixed together.
    Those little collectible cardboard lids, POGs, were named for this juice.

  5. GAH! Went to grocery store and they didn't have any. Might have to check Walmart tomorrow.

  6. I've never tried passion fruit. Looks nasty! LOL!

    I tend to let chapters fall where they may, and prefer to keep them random lengths because I get bored if its all the same. :)

  7. I'm not sure we even have this fruit in the Philadelphia area. I have heard of it, just have not seen it. It really does look yucky :)
    P.S.- I love angel stories!

  8. Passion fruit is good... I love going to chinatown and trying fruits I've never seen or heard of out... sometimes they are good... and sometimes yuck.

  9. Yum! I like passion fruite. I like this post. It is funny. I think I like reading your blog. It always makes me smile or say "Yeah, you're right" or laugh. Keep up the good work.