Sunday, April 17, 2011

O is for Overlord Award

Rainy was gracious enough to award me the Overlord Award. It's a new one let loose in the sea of blog awards floating on the waves of the internet. I am quiet honored to be one of the first ones to receive it. I feel like I'm helping pave a brave new path... Okay, maybe that's a bit over dramatic. It's still cool though. Thank you Rainy. (Yes I did just link to her blog twice. Is that something I shouldn't do? I don't know.)

Here are the rules:
  • Post the award and the rules on your blog.
  • List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
  • List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
  • Leave them a message in their comment sections with a link saying you chose them.

My three things I would change:
  1. Mt Dew would be available in kegs and never go flat.
  2. Cadbury Eggs would be available year around.
  3. It'd be illegal to wake up before 11AM, 10 would get you off with a warning.

Now for my minions... I mean nominees.
Chris Cook (naturally, we've already started a religion where strangely, I'm the high priestess.)
Heather Brewer (because she already has a following of minions.)
Terrance Foxxe
Bryan White (I'm sure he's hording all the awards anyways.)
Railey Amezda 

Mary Beth (taking over the world one clown story at a time!)
Megan Johnson
Melissa Wright

Congratulations my ten nine nominees. Go forth and spread the love of the Overlord Award!


  1. Casdbury's eggs are available year round. Looks like you're already overlord over here.

    Moody Writing

  2. Well, they don't where I live in Michigan. =( *sigh*

  3. Congrats on your award! Love the title. :D

  4. Hehehe. Fun award! I like the changes you would make. :)

  5. Congratulations on your well deserved award.

    Thank you for the visit and the lovely comment made, much appreciated.

  6. I love those things you would change.

    Yes, those Cadbury eggs should be available all year long. It's a travesty that they're not...

  7. Congrats. How cool is that???!

    When I first read your post I thought it said the Overload Award and I was thinking "Damn. I need that award. My schedule is always overloaded." And then I realized my eyes were just screwing with my brain a bit and it really says OverLORD. To which I thought, "Now how effin' cool is THAT!? I want to be a lord, too.