Friday, April 15, 2011

N is for Noon

What was noon?

The obvious answer is it's a time of day. The sun hangs directly above, casting the world in a warm glow. If it's a cloudless day that is.

But to me, noon is different. Noon is a mystery, one that dangles out of my reach on the other side of wall. Pressing against the wall of my home I can only imagine what its warmth feels like. How does it feel to tips one's face up, letting the rays caress you skin? After a while does it start to hurt? Sunburns hurt I'm told, skin scorched red over a long amount of time but not until later is the pain noticed.

How lucky.

It is a wish that a sunburn is the only damage sun would cause me. If that was the case I'd spend every day in the sun, sprawled on the warm, green grass. Special care would be made so every day my time in the sun would be at noon as well. I would pretend I was flower, soaking up the rays and being satisfied.

Alas, that is an impossibility. The moon is the only orb in the sky I can lay under. But the cold rays of the moon isn't the same - even if the light shining is reflected from the sun. Still, I close my eyes and pretend. I pretend I feel heat. I pretend I feel my skin slowly darken to a tan and beyond to a red burn. I pretend I can be part of the day world, enjoying the sun instead of the creature bound to night and blood.

Sometimes, if I'm very, very lucky and the world falls silent as the dead, I can believe it's noon.


  1. Thank you for getting me to think seriously about noon. I can't believe I've ignored it all these years, and that's just wrong!

    Found you via the A-Z Challenge, and can totally relate to your 'I' post. Yup, I'm a pantser, too!

  2. good one pat i started to write about the nine of noon. yours is far better. thank you and god bless

  3. Thanks everyone. I've never tried doing something that short. It was really fun so I'll probably have more in the future.

  4. Noon is usually my best time of the day.

  5. Beautiful contemplation on a time of day that gets overlooked. I love the afternoon! Thanks for sharing.