Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Mythical

Yup, another query. I have a lot of stories but I'm getting to the end. Four more stories that need queries then I have to figure out the rest of the alphabet. Hm, I have no N post yet and no idea for one. Help?

Back to the query. I like this story, it was fun to write and will be interesting to edit. Skimming through it I see a lot of chapters that can be cut. It's written first person switching to other characters in third. I thought about going third completely but there's a part in the middle that I switch to third that puts emphasis on the main character's journey. Like Leaves of Fall, Mythical was inspired by another story I read at the time, the Maximum Ride series. I forget what book I finished when an idea popped in my head. What if the scientist tried to make mythical creatures? Vampires, werewolves and fairies. I started writing it.

I am not your average vampire. In fact I'm not even a real vampire. I wasn't bitten with all my blood drained then given the blood of my sire to turn. I was created in a lab and when I say created I mean born. I'm human but a vampire.

Drake's whole life has been lived in a lab. Genetically altered with DNA from a vampire bat he can only dream of a normal life. Mental programming to think like a blood thirsty vampire doesn't help his situation. The slightest hint of blood can send him into a frenzy that put not only the scientists around him at risk but the other subjects as well.

Hey look a wall! I'm not sure where to go, what the plot is exactly. Agents would say go back and look at the story, pin point the plot. They might even ask is there a plot. Which is why I'm stumbling on the query. I might not be able to finish it until after I go back and edit, flesh out the plot and eliminate holes.

I know my queries aren't perfect but each one provides me with valuable information about my stories. I need to be able to pin point my plots and summarize it in four hundred words or less. I also need to make it interesting, hooking the reader and reeling him or her in. Each attempt - whether it's a rewrite of a query or the first one - helps me hone this important skill, improves my ability to write or at least pin point my writing flaws. We all cringe at the word query but as terrifying as they are, queries are something every writer should face and beat.


  1. Great post! Your story seems really interesting. I'm not at the querying process yet for my own work, but I'm rather dreading it because I know it's so important. Good luck with yours, and you have another blog follower. Come check out my M post and give a follow too if you want. :-)
    xoxo Sarah

  2. I think this story sounds great, the idea of a vampire created in a lab is so interesting. Good luck with the query!

  3. I like this idea - it's got potential.

    I'm scared of queries... I'll face them when I think my writing is better.

  4. That's a very different take on the vampire myth... and I like it!

  5. I envy your queries.

    But when you run out of them, post excerpts from your stories! Would love to read them.

  6. I love your attitude toward queries. They are something we can gain so much from, therefore they shouldn't be something to fear.

  7. Sarah, Julie and William, thanks!

    Austin, no matter how good you are at writing, queries are hard!

    damyantiwrites, I can work that out I think.

    Lynda, yeah we shouldn't fear queries but it's hard not to. They're just so evil!

  8. I like this story. Very creative; I see the possibilities.
    Oh those darn queries...That was my most stressful part of writing...until now...revisions are hard nerve wracking work. I truly am enjoying the process...