Wednesday, April 13, 2011

L is for Leaves of Fall

This is one of the stories that not only has a title but the first draft is finished too! I even started doing an edit before another story pushed it out of the way. It's a dystopian story inspired by the book Bones of Faerie. It follows a formula that I've been seeing a lot. I'll call it the Twilight formula. Which is girl meets boy with secret. Girl discovers secret but sticks with boy even though secret is a danger to her. There's usually a romance aspect to this formula but I left that out of my story. A lot of my stories have romance in them and I wanted to try a story without. It also lacks vampires. Shocking I know.

The first time the trees moved there was awe... then horror.

Armory or Re has lived her whole life in fear of the trees. Born during the war between humanity and the trees she's never see a forest of trees or walked in a park.

Kidnapped from the only life she's know by bandits, Re is certain she'll never see her mother or tribe again. When trees attack the bandits' camp, Re and little girl named Miracle are rescued by Mape, a pale skinned boy. Mape promises he can help get them both to Re's tribe. The journey across open land is dangerous. Other tribe hide in the broken cities, wary of outsiders. 

When a tribe in Cleveland opens fires and Mape is injuried Re learns the truth about him. He's a tree, learning to use the energy absorbed from the sun to guise himself as human. Mape regrets his role in the war, hoping by helping Re get home he can prove not all trees want the war to continue. Slowly Re learns to trust Mape, learning there is more to trees than she was led to believe. Will others listen to them or is the damage done? Man and nature never able to trust each other again? None of that may matter if Mape can't get Re home.


  1. the fact that it doesn't have any vampires is a major bonus ;)
    Interesting premise with the trees. I like.

  2. The absense of vampires is most commendable!