Tuesday, April 12, 2011

K is for Killer

I do have a story that starts with a K but honestly, I need a break from queries. Plus I don't know how to describe the story so I'm just going to slack off and not do. Instead I'm going to talk about a topic I highly enjoy.

Serial Killers.

By definition a serial killer is a person who kills at least three people with a 'cooling off' period between kills. A cooling off period can last anywhere from days to months to years. A person who goes on a killing rampage is not a serial killer. They are a spree killer and usually ends with the suspect's death. Just wanted to clear that up.

Personally I find serial killers fascinating. The events that make up their lives can be so tragic. We wonder how could we not know? But that's the thing. Serial killers are actors. They are average looking people with families and hobbies. But beneath the mild personalities are some messed up people.

What got me started on serial killers was the movie From Hell. It was about Jack the Ripper and focused on one of the conspiracy theories on who he was. (It also had Johnny Depp in it.) Curious to know more I googled it and found the Crime Library. Wow. There are a lot of serial killers. Despite how scary serial killers are, experts agree you have as much chance being a plane crash then being a victim of a serial killer.

Interesting fact: Ted Bundy targeted young women with brown hair parted down the middle.

I have brown hair and when I was younger I parted it down the middle. Scary to think about huh?

There's a certain fascination that comes with serial killers. What makes them tick? And how can we stop it from happening again? People want to know that, have studied serial killers to try to figure out the answers. So far it's not looking good. Looking into serial killers past show horrible childhoods, yet there are lots of people who have horrible childhoods and they don't turn into serial killers. Some have very happy lives. What is it that makes a serial killer so deranged?

I think John Douglas has a few answers. For those of you who don't know who he is, John Douglas is the man! He is one of the people who started criminal profiling. Criminal Minds would not exist I think if not for him and the others who paved the way for profiling. He has some great books on the subject of profiling and serial killers as well. I recommend Journey Into the Darkness and The Cases That Haunt Us.

I suppose I can wrap it up. If you're wondering who is my favorite serial killer, come on, I'm not that messed up. Although... the more gory the crime the more interested I am...


  1. You've written an interesting article on a scary topic. Ann Rule did a fine job with her book about Ted Bundy.
    And you included Johnny Depp! I've watched that movie a couple of times and find it a fascinating subject.

  2. Fascinating post. I've always been interested in serial killers and I especially like Criminal Minds because it quite often features them.

    I had a serial killer story published recently, which I'm really proud off. It wasn't like anything I'd written before!

    Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    Ellie Garratt

  3. The protagonist of my A-Z flash piece today is a serial killer...thanks for stopping by , and the comment :)

  4. I think we're drawn to the idea of serial killers out of fascination for just how evil and depraved human beings can get.

    Have you ever seen the Sherlock Holmes-Jack the Ripper takeoff, Murder By Decree?

  5. Thanks Gail

    Ellie, I'd so read your story!

    Damyantiwrites, I know!

    William, Nope I have not.

  6. This kind of scary always scares me too much. If it's got vampires, or some other supernatural horror, then it usually doesn't scare me. But serial killers exist, so it's real, and that's scary.

  7. I love Criminal Minds!

    I also have to agree with Austin, that they are even scarier than vampires and the likes, just because they are real.