Monday, April 11, 2011

J is for JJ needs a title for his story

I need a title for this story. It's one I have plans on publishing at some point in the future. That kind of makes a tittle a must. Other stories I can let sit with no titles. Their fate is unknown. Not this story. This also means my query has to be good. Another road block. I'm a little stumped about what to write for the query. I have a first line for the query but after that it fades off.

I'm not completely stumped though. I could start off with a synopsis of the story. Get it summarized and then start hacking away. It's advice I've seen recommended when trying to write a query. Not a bad idea, after all agents and publishers do request synopsis so those are good to know how to do as well.

Enough babbling and putting off the query. Let's give this a shot. Feel free to throw out ideas. Writers thrive on constructive criticism and advice. We like getting it. It makes us squee and jump back into writing with renewed vigor.

JJ has a secret, he's not like the other boys.

Joshua Jackson, JJ to his friends and family, has been living with a secret. He's gay. Tired of keeping his secret, JJ's desperate to figure out how to tell his friends, classmates and most importantly his parents. Not as easy as it sounds when the outcome is unknown.

A nighttime encounter with Cage, a three hundred plus year old vampire, JJ finds the courage he needs. With Cage by his side JJ comes out to his friends and classmates. But when his revelation to his parents go as wrong as it can JJ runs. Wanting to leave everything human behind he asks Cage to turn him.

But the vampire world isn't without its dangers and secrets. A vampire from Cage's past is bent on getting revenge against Cage for causing the death of one of his pack. Brock will stop at nothing to punish Cage, focusing on JJ to push Cage back into the cold grip of hunger and leaving JJ alone.

JJ's tired of hiding and running. He's had enough of secrets. Alone, JJ faces Brock one last time. Is he strong enough to beat the vampire pack leader without Cage? Failure means not only his own death but the deaths of the ones he loves and Cage stuck in hunger. Forever.


  1. Title: OUT FOR BLOOD out = coming out, and blood for all the vamps. :)


    I think you could play with the double meaning of "out" a million ways here.

    Interesting story. I got lost in the summary where you talk about Brock focusing on JJ and that somehow pushing Cage back into the grip of hunger. I would spread that open a bit to make it clearer before you start hacking there.

  2. Two engaging story lines here.
    An agent might suggest you stick with one character and one plot for a query, though. You could cover JJ's story with one line: After JJ revealed ... he asked Cage to ...
    then continue with Cage's story.
    Sorry I can't help with a title.

  3. I like the idea of the play on words with 'out', but I'm struggling to come up with anything myself.

    Titles are the hardest part, in my opinion. You need something that essentially sums up the essence of... however many words the book is. You need something to draw the reader in, make them think, and without giving away anything major. It's hard, but keep at it.

  4. I never thought about playing on words. Corinne you're a GENIUS!

    Gail, the story is First person from JJ's perspective so it's all his story.