Sunday, April 10, 2011

I is for I don't know what I'm doing

*Note: Yesterday I thought I didn't have an I post. Turns out I did. Hooray for me! Now back to the post.*

I think the title says it all. Sometimes I have no clue what I'm doing. Honestly, I make things up as I go. Especially in writing. Ninety percent of the time I really have no idea how my story is going to end. There have been times I don't even have villains. I have the characters meet and that's about it.

I am a panster through and through.

It makes life interesting. Should have recorded April 1st when my husband, parents, little sister and two best friends (plus the one's boyfriend) went down to the courthouse to get married. It was chaos. But oh so much fun! I have friends ask me what are my plans for the week. I say, "I dunno, I don't even know what I'm doing today." Will I write? Read? Goof off on twitter? Any one is a possibility.

There is a downside to not thinking things through. When that needs to be done, life can get pretty stressful. What if we show up to such-and-such place and no one is there? What if I can't get in for an appointment last minute? Yes, sometimes planning and plotting are very much needed.

For the record I have not thought this post out. Others I have but I came up with this idea on the fly and went with it.

I think my panstering is part of my laid back personality. I have my moments of utter stress but mostly, I go with the flow. I don't worry about getting my credit cards (I only have two!) paid off. As long as I make the monthly payment on time and pay a little extra I will knock it down to zero eventually. Dinner? Grab a few ingredients and call it yummy. My car breaks down I roll my eyes and say, "Figures." At Christmas time I like not knowing what my presents are. Why bother wrapping them if I know exactly what's contained?

.... You know I never know how to end blog posts either.


  1. no kids, I take it.
    that's when the insanity of life begins and plans are more important. I miss those carefree days - enjoy it!
    happy i day =)

  2. I don't know what I'm doing either. Loved this post.

  3. When writing I'm often the same way as you do. That's what I love about blogging: You can just take an idea and run with it to play and have fun. If I'm writing a story I'll start planning things out in my head and even writing down some of it, but it's always subject to change.

    I also don't always have specific villains. Sometimes a bit of conflict is all a story needs, or even just philosophy to make us think.

    I don't know that any of us really know exactly what we're doing since there's always the possibility that something might pop up to screw up our plans. It's good to be flexible and be able to improvise.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  4. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  5. first of all, nice to meet you through the a-z, second, i love that hilarious sign, and third--i think all writers feel this way a lot of times. Most of the time we don't know what exactly we're trying to do--but we slog on through and somehow survive.

  6. I applaud you for your spontaneity and honesty. Your post was a refreshing and delightful read.

    And great blog!

  7. @Tara, yes no kids.

    @Deirdra, thanks!

    Everyone else, thanks for visiting and pleasure meeting you too!

  8. I used to be a panster as well. I'd just wing it, but now I do lots of planning and it saves so much time. I still get distracted though. Oh shiny....

  9. I'm like you, I like to go where the story takes me. But now I also do dreamstorming, aka Robert Olen Butler: From Where you Dream. This book taught me I could plot in a sort of trace-like fashion! Check it out if you can :)

  10. I get distracted easily by anything shiny or vodka colored... but besides that, I try to overplan - so when everything inevitably falls apart, it's at least partly done. Plus, planning is my favourite way to procrastinate.

  11. Hi, meet your absolute opposite! I'm going to follow you, because maybe if I do, I can observe how you operate, and maybe a tiny bit of your spontaneity will rub off on me. I don't want to give up all of my control, but a little now and then wouldn't hurt one bit.

  12. Catherine I'll trade some spontaneity for some control.