Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for How

How do you plan on keeping up with the challenge?

I have twitter friends doing the challenge so commenting on them is easy. #atozchallenge is the hashtag to link up to people doing the challenge but not everyone will use it. I found a few people started following me and by viewing their twitter profile I see their blog for the challenge and that has led to a few comments. Then of course there's going through the list of over 900 participants on Arlee Bird's blog. Not to mention facebook, my space and all the other social networking sites people will surely post their blogs to!

I know, I'm asking this right in the middle of the challenge!  But I figured why not? Here's my H post. It's easy, it's simple and it's engaging. So come on! Tell me how you're keeping up. Let's share ideas and make this the best blog challenge ever!


  1. This challenge is hard. I had planned to do it all in advance and then just post them (ha!) but I'm pretty much winging it. The best thing is theat people are leaving each other comments, even if it's just to say hello (Hi!), so it does feel like people are reading (hooray!)

  2. Well I had up to F planned ahead of time. Now I'm winging it a couple of hours before I plan to publish the posts (1am BST). No idea what I'm gonna do for I. Oh well, that's half of the fun I think.

  3. I'm commenting back on everyone who's commented on my blogs through the challenge.

    I check out other peeps who have commented on the posts I visit.

    I follow Twitter links, and I've created a paper at that helps me keep track of all A-Z posts tweeted.

    The rest is just random, from the list, if I have the time :)

    You I visit as much as possible, Patricia, cos I simply adored your A post. :D

  4. I'm visiting the people that leave comments on my post the same day if I can, then I'm working my way through Arlee's list when I have a bit extra time. I also planned to have posts ready to go before the challenge started but only managed a few. It's harder than I imagined, but I'm enjoying it.

  5. damyantiwrites, aww thanks. I'll try to keep them coming with a bang!
    I also have been using the paper to find other posts to comment. It was a great idea!

    mooderino, surprisingly, I was going to wing it all and so far I have like 6 various letters done ahead of time.

    Shik, I think I just realized I might not have an I post.... o.O eep!

    Rebecca, I've been having a blast with it too. ^^

    Oh, just figured I post. It's ridiculously simple too.

  6. i take it one post ah letter at a time ya start counting when the dealing is done. and i explore Arlee's list and check out and comment on the ones i visit. and post a few URL of the one i like on my blog. hay if you leave me a comment i may write you a poem. it "L" on monday have fun and God Bless

  7. Using Twitter and the 'Surprise Me' button.
    I've accepted that I won't hit everybody.
    Enjoy Sundays day off!

  8. I just play favourites. I mean, it's harder than I thought it'd be. Not the posting part, but the reading and commenting part... It's impossible, so I've just been commenting on the blogs I like or the topics that appeal to me. I am meeting a lot of new people which is great... it's just sort of an overload all a once.

  9. For writing, I've been scheduling posts a week in advance but I've been way behind on commenting. There are just too many especially on top of the other blogs I read and the rest of life that I have to squeeze in (not to mention the novel that isn't writing itself). ;)

  10. I'm having a hard time keeping up this week especially since I'm not at home.
    Find it hard to write in a hotel room with colleagues walking around :(
    Sadly, don't have much time to read all the entries or comment much either - I just pick an interesting post or two off damyanti's paper when I can.

  11. Great post and great question. I honestly don't know how I'm keeping up - some days the blogs are easy to write - other days, not so much. I usually get an idea for a blog, then jot a few things down that I want to say and by the end of the day, voila - a blog post. It's rather miraculous. :)

    As for the follows - I will not make it through all 1000+. I'd love to say hello to everyone, but I also want to read their blogs, and give lengthy commentary, and by the time I've visited two blogs, fifteen minutes have gone by. So I'm just going to do the best I can.

    Good luck!

    New follower from A-Z! Nice to meet you!

  12. Alison, I don't think anyone is going to make it through the 1000+ list of blogs. Not unless you set up a schedule to visit a certain number each day and just work through that. Even then you'd still need time to reply to your own blog and probably over look ones that interest you to stay on schedule.

  13. When I first heard about the notion,I knew I wouldn't be the sort who'd be able to do it, but I've been following a few people,like yourself, who are doing this. You're finding really creative ways to do this thing.

    What happens when you reach X?

  14. I'm trying to hang in there. I was doing really well on commenting on other blogs for a while. Now I'm focusing on getting my posts up and then trying to hit some of the people who have commented on my posts as well as on others when their topic or blog interests me.