Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is not for eBooks

I wonder how many writers are doing their E post on ebooks. Can you blame them? Ebooks are revolutionizing the publishing world. With one click you can buy a book and start reading it. Without leaving your home! I own two ebook readers... well, my husband does. He'd probably own three if he got to touch a Kindle. He's a techie like that.

Enough about ebooks though. I don't want to talk about them. I was going to make it about books, you know the kind made out of dead trees but that's probably been done a ton of times during the B post. Both topics have been covered thoroughly.

So what should my E post be about? I've established what it's not about. What about everything? Can I do that? Make my E post about everything? Everything starts with an E so why not?

Let's talk about everything. Say anything you want, comment on anything you want. Did you eat a tasty cookie today? Tell us about it. (Yes, if you really want to recount your weird sex dream you can. Just watch your language, this is a PG blog.) Want to talk about emus and ewoks and their ability to mate? (You can thank my husband for that question.) Take a trip somewhere? Learn something new? Go for it. Nothing is off limits. We're talking everything after all.


  1. Okay, that bunny picture is strangely hysterical. It's not quite getting the image of Ewoks mating out of my head though...

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  2. Nice save! Funny. But yours is the closest I came to a post on e-books so far.

    Of course, I haven't even been to twenty blogs yet today, but I started hitting "Books" on b-day almost immediately.

    Hmmm... Now my blogging experience will not be complete without that one e-book post!

    Thanks a lot!


    I'm not quite that neurotic yet.

    Ok I'll stop talking now.


  3. I'm not an ebooks fan either. The bunny picture is too funny. I like an everything post. Well, what is happening in my world now is that I have 2 of my boys home sick from school. Not too much fun so I'm glad to be visiting interesting bloggers like you.

  4. Your writing and blog are fun. The picture is too. I found you through the A-Z Challenge, and I'm a new follower.

  5. Lol...I love the pic! And I'm thinking about ebooks these days--a lot.

  6. Everything... that's a lot to talk about. So I'll just talk about the bunny...

    If I had a bunny... I'd put a pancake on it's head too. And maybe dress it up like all those socialites do to their tiny little dogs. Then I'd take it for a walk on a leash... I've never seen someone take a bunny for a walk before - a cat I have, but not a bunny.

    And if it was bad... I'd have it's fur made into a hat - Actually I wouldn't because I'm a vegetarian, but I'd buy a faux fur hat, and tell people it use to be my pet bunny.

  7. OMG What should I comment about?

    I made the most fabulous salad and am crunching on it right now! The dressing has sugar and vinegar in it so the whole thing just pops. It also has almonds roasted in sugar... I suppose there is irony in eating a salad with loads of sugar, but hey... better than a cheeseburger. (i think)

  8. Austin, I had a pet bunny... well, my older sister did. I tried taking it for a walk once. He didn't cooperate.

  9. I had a leash for my pet rat. Used to take him for little walks about the house... and even once around a caravan park while we were on holiday. He liked to just sit on my shoulder though. That was fine by me, as long as he'd been to the toilet first.

  10. I'm being converted to the ebook side.

    Cute photo of the bunny. My cat likes it. :)

  11. Lol, I did my E post about e-Publishing :P

    That lol pic is one of my favourites :)

  12. Your post just made me crack up - the bunnycake is ridic hilarious! LOL

    How do you like your e-readers? I've been thinking about getting one (on advice from my husband, who is also a major tech geek :D), but I can't bring myself to do it. There's just something about the feel of an actual book that gets to me. *hugs my Harry Potter HC collection*

    Husband is very persuasive, though, so I thought I'd ask around and see what people's different opinions are and which e-readers are the most bang for their buck. :D

  13. Anime... I have yet to use either of our ebooks. I have a nice tbr pile of paper books to read so I have refrained from downloading ebooks.
    My husband digs his nook though. He says it's just like reading a real book only at night you don't need a light cuz it's backlit.

  14. I'm listening to the soft honey voice of Alexi Murdoch from the Away We Go soundtrack as I peruse the 1,000+ blogs. I also learned a fear of turtles exists, chelonaphobia. How ridiculous! I love turtles! I can say sea turtle in sign language. Good luck with the challenge!

  15. I was not an e-books fan then one of my students I tutor bought me a kindle for Xmas.I decided to do a couple things to see what it was like. I ordered a couple of classics I had wanted to reread and they were sent wirelessly in 2 minutes. I also got a cover with a light attached and it is just like opening a book. So guess what? I love it. I can't help it. It is cool.

  16. that may be the other rabbit after the elephant read a eBook about mice. nice post ha ha ah lol gb

  17. Five minutes later, the bunny had his revenge....