Monday, April 4, 2011

D is for Damon's Soul Query

This is another early story, one that has a possible title. It is also a four part story. I'm in the process of rewriting it, all four parts done but the last two parts jump from character's head to head and although I'm not confused, any readers might be. Funny thing though, my rewrites went a lot faster when I used paper and pen instead of my computer. I have to admit, I haven't rewritten much lately. Distracted by other writing projects.

I think I have a bad habit of project jumping.

And look! Four queries for the price of one! I'll be glad for tomorrow when my E post gives me (and you) a break from the dreaded query.

Damon's Soul
Damon has a problem. Attacked by a creature, wings and horns have sprouted, turning him into a monster. His solution to the transformation: Run away... or more accurately, fly away. His flight takes him to the sprawling city of New York City and to a rooftop a battered girl being attacked by a human twice her size. The only name she gives him is Jade, refusing to reveal details of her past. But she knows what happened to him because she's been infected by a demon as well. With Jade's help, Damon binds the demon, struggling to survive with the infection. When Jade's infection spins out of control Damon knows the only way to save her is to let his free.

Saved by the very thing she hates, Jade struggled with Damon's presence. He isn't like the other demons she's encountered. His actions aren't ruled by the emotions surrounding him and he insists he's been a demon all along. But she owes her freedom from her demon infection to him and she can't deny the feelings growing for him. When her past resurfaces, Jade's feelings are torn. Does she stay with the angels and resume the fight against the demons that killed her family? Or go back to the demon unlike any she's ever met and loves.

Damon's Home
There really is no place like home. Leaving Jade behind with the angels, the only place Damon has to go is home. His homecoming isn't what he expected. His mother, Betty, went into a panic after he ran away and his sister, Sam suffered the consequences of Betty's paranoia. And after spending months letting himself be a demon, Damon struggles to adjust to life pretending to be a human. His wings ache from being confined and choking down human food is a chore. Often he wonders if coming home was the right choice.

Flake was relieved to see his friend Damon again. But there's something off about Damon, a difference Flake can't put his finger on. Why is Damon cutting himself off from his friends? And why does he have marking on his wrists that are mirror images of a evil spirit of Flake's tribe? A search for answers uncovers an unknown legend and a secret family past. The spirits are real and Flake's family has a history of fighting the evil spirits known as Mortal Spirits. What's worse is the friend Flake thought returned isn't Damon at all but a mortal spirit masquerading as Damon. Flake knows to protect his friends, family and town he has to find the spirit and destroy it before people start dying. It's his duty but can he really destroy something that has the face of his friend? And does he have a choice?

Damon's Battle
It's what Damon dreamed of from the moment he became a demon. To be human, to not have emotions play tug-of-war with him or sprout horns. Then why does he miss it so much? Holed up with the other survivors of his hometown after demons attacked, killed or enslaved most of the residents, all Damon can dream of if being in the sky, the feel of wind through the feathers of his wings. He can't take it anymore, he doesn't feel human and he wants his wings back. Taking on a demon may not be the wisest thing but it gets the results Damon desires.

Jade misses Damon fiercely but she has a mission: Find the angel's missing brother. He is the key to stopping the demons. If only Jade could stop thinking about Damon. But it seems Damon's fate is connected with the angel's and a vision tells her if she wants to find the angel, find Damon. She can't suppress the excitement, eager to be in Damon's arms. Fate has brought her back to him and she is certain the missing angel is near. What she didn't expect is the truth to be much closer than she ever imagined.

Damon's Destiny
"It's you. You're the angel." Damon can't get Jade's words out of his mind, can't run away from the awe in her voice. How could he be the angel she sought? It wasn't possible and he was a coward for running. But he can't bring himself to go back. Something pulls at him, a white figure haunting him and pleading to listen. Damon refuses, turning to the one person he wants nothing to do with: Luke.

Luke's been trying to get Damon's attention for months. They're brothers after all. At least in another life. Luke knows Damon's the angel that got him kicked out of heaven and he wants revenge. When Damon appears at Luke's door he can't believe his luck. Revenge is that much closer, he can feel it. But Damon gives a face to the horrors Luke created. The lines of truth start to blur and Luke struggles to get revenge, keep his mother and humans safe all while controlling the demons. The demons have other plans, tired of hiding in the dark and scratching out a living. Luke is their means to an end, the young demon easily fooled.

Damon needs to stop running if he wants to save the ones he loves, including his brother Luke. Accepting his past, Damon races to keep Luke from falling and to stop the demons from slaughtering the human race. The fate of the world rests in his hands and redemption from his past.


  1. Talk about epic! You've got some really interesting story ideas here.

    East for Green Eyes

  2. I think I have a bad habit of project jumping, too. Right now I'm in the midst of writing a rough draft when I need to put aside some time for editing. Sigh. Great to meet you through the A-Z Challenge.

  3. Rosie, I need more hands and computers to deal with all my ideas!

    Jeffrey, glad to now I'm not the only one. I spent a few days writing a tiny story, the whole time thinking "I need to work on other things." In the end it helped because I figured out parts of the plots to the story I should have been working on. I think the moral of that story is, it's okay to jump around sometimes.

  4. Yeah, project jumping is fun... not always the most productive... these look good. I have an obsession with demons and angels, such a fun sub genre.