Saturday, March 5, 2011

Warning, this post may be pointless

I'm feeling the need to post something for today but I don't want to use the topics I've already drafted out. So I thought I'd do another post about another muscian I love. This musician I'm going to admit having a girl crush on. I love her, love listening to her, watching her videos even looking at pictures of her. So who is this woman that my boyfriend must compete with?

Shakira! Come on, look at her! You gotta admit she is beautiful and hot! Even if you don't dig chicks, you know you wouldn't say no to that! (Well, maybe you could say no, but I wouldn't.)

Shakira is number one favorite female musician of mine. Number two if you take out gender. Sorry Shakira, your hips can't knock Green Day out of their place in my heart. But like Green Day I have a full day's worth of music by Shakira. I see an album by her I don't have, I buy it. In my opinion the Spanish lyrics are way better than the English. Only problem is I don't know Spanish so I can't sing along. I do know the English lyrics to Las De La Intuicion but only because I found a video on youtube and played it until I knew most of the words.

All time favorite song. Whenever, Wherever. Duh! Las De La Intuicion comes in second though. Her She Wolf album didn't get the best reviews but I still loved it and her latest, Sale El Sol is amazing. It definitely goes back to her teenage years and has a heavier Latino influence. I will also admit to downloading the singles when they come out then the whole album so I have multiple versions of the same song on my MP3 player.

Yes, I make my boyfriend listen to her in the car too. He makes me listen to screaming metal so it's only fair.

Have I seen Shakira live? I wish. I know if I got the opportunity I would. My opinion is she's an amazing artist. She writes a lot of her own music, she can play a few of the instruments and she can do it all while belly dancing. Plus she is a good person.
She has helped build schools in Haiti, is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and  given tons of aid to children in her home country of Columbia. (It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see celebrities using their money to help others.) Check out and join 1Goal; you'll feel good helping kids get an education too.

I have one last reason why Shakira is awesome. It consist of three words: Waka Waka Dance.

Official video featuring Freshly Ground

People around the world doing the Waka Waka Dance

Doesn't that look like fun? You know you want to make a Waka Waka dance video now and upload it for all to see. Come on, admit it. I'll do one if you do one.

So yup, Shakira is my girl crush. I can sing her praises all day... Okay, maybe not all day but I can sing along with her music all day.


  1. Haha... I have to admit - I have all of her albums. And I like her Spanish songs so much better (actually I usually skip over her English stuff)... but I'm a sucker for accents (I think my IQ drops like 80 points and whoever is speaking with a sexy accent hypnotizes me).

  2. very interesting and funny.. I love how your able to express your admiration for her and her hips :)

  3. Austin, I am the same way with accents. I start to drool and get a vacant look in my eyes.

    Thanks Jim, I try to please.

  4. I like the title of the post..really funny :-)

  5. gosh I like her, too. I like your fan-post on her! ;-)

  6. You've got good taste in fan crushes!