Thursday, March 31, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge

Tomorrow is the start of April and that means the A to Z blog challenge. What is the challenge? Well, let me break it down for you. Every day of the month an April (minus Sundays) I will post an alphabetical blog topic. Then everyone participating checks everyone else blogs out. Last time I checked there was over 600 hundred participates! Wow. I'm thinking I'll pick a few blogs each day to check out. Try to remember to look at the other blogs. I can be such a slacker when it comes to reading other blogs. Unless it comes across my twitter stream. I'm good about that.

I was going to be a bit of a smart ass and do this post as my A post but I came up with another A post and am moving this to the day before. It's amusing, I think I was the only one not trying to think up topics ahead of time... I still haven't thought about my B post. Maybe I'll do that now... Oh, I know! Be warned! This challenge may make me do some very silly posts. I think that might be a good B topic. I do know what C will be and I am looking forward to that. Hmm, no I think I do my C post for U, it will still work. Are you curious now? The rest of the alphabet... I have a few topics in mind but mostly I plan on making it up as I go. One thing I was thinking of doing that would help me keep the topic close to writing is try to write query letters for every story I've written or started writing. Then people can critique them if they want or tell me what they think of the stories.

It should be fun. Despite my quiet and timid personality at times I do like challenges. Ask Chris about the challenge he gave me to write a sex scene in a small short I was playing with for fun. I did it... by the end I didn't want to think about sex but I got it done. (It helped that it was a short story of 11K words.)

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough. Hopefully, I've tickled your interest and you'll check back every day. Til next time, Peace out!


  1. Good luck! I suspect you'll need it!

  2. It's up to over 800 now! I'll try to check back when I can, but there's a lot of competition for my blogging attention here. ;)

  3. jumping the gun are we. lol i am working on mine god luck, my post a 9:00 am mountain time god bless

  4. That sounds like quite a challenge - have fun!

    On a side note, you were selected to help launch a new blog award!

    Collect your award and pass it on to other worthy contenders for world domination (click my name above).

    All the best,


  5. awesome! I can't wait! Lol, I'm in no way going to be able to keep up with all those bloggers :S It's gonna be a hell of a lotta fun to try though!

  6. Good luck to you! I'm doing NaPoWriMo which is 30 poems in 30 days. Hopefully I can pop out a bunch of shorties tonight to get ready! :) I thought about pairing it with the A to Z challenge but have decided not to.

  7. Thanks everyone for the luck.

    Rainy, I saw that. It's going to be my O post.

    Also I think I'm starting at the wrong end because I've written up an R post and an O post but have yet to do my A post.

  8. Found you from the A-Z Challenge, it sounds like it’s going to be so much fun (with a bit of stress thrown in) and I can’t wait to get started!! I’m now following your blog on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog.

  9. The main thing is to have fun and it looks like that what you're doing.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  10. Sounded like so much fun and I've been slacking lately I decided to join in on the challenge. A was easy I think I will need a little help with Z!! Enjoyed your post! Good Luck with the Challenge!