Friday, March 25, 2011


For the past week and half my writing has taken a backseat. I've gotten a little in, maybe 5000 words but that's life for you. I told my sister I'd stay with her and give her a hand with the new baby and keep her five year old entertained. That was a feat in itself. First day we played together for six hours straight. I have a new love for youtube for giving me a break by having Fireman Sam episodes posted. I thought I'd post a few pictures of my time. The seven hour trip down and back, one of me actually holding the new baby and some of the firehouses my nephew and I made. Enjoy and I promise your regular blog on writing will resume Saturday or Sunday.

 Snow covered trees on I75

 A mural in Grand Rapids

 Ice on the water at the Mackinaw Straights on the trip home.

 The might Mackinaw Bridge.

 A stuffed wolf at an UP welcome center.

 Our fire stations

 Emmet decked out to be a firefighter. We were terrible bomb squads though. Failed to diffuse the bomb TWICE!

 Me holding Arik

My sister and her husband holding Arik. I picked pictures were you couldn't see his cleft lip because that's not for me to plaster all over the net. And finally Arik tuckered out from a long day of being a baby.


  1. I love the snow covered trees pic too... ah, winter, how much I'll miss you....

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