Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I tried to think up a title and all I got was this

This is how I feel today. Ready to go back to bed after sleeping in way too late. My eyes feel heavy and puffy and my limbs tired and weak. If I laid my head on the keyboard I would fall asleep and it'd feel like heaven! It's not a complete surprise. I did bring this on myself. Last night I stayed up late, pushing past my sleepiness to finish a short story that started brewing. I have never written a short story before so it was fun and new. Did I cover everything I needed to cover, develop characters enough? Not sure but hey, that's what rewrites are for. 

When I finally went to bed I still lay awake with my mind churning. A chat with a friend about Being Human consumed my thoughts. It wasn't anything major, he was trying to be helpful, I was being a little stubborn but trying to appreciate the suggestions. He did irk me when he said a part he needed to think on to figure out how to fix it. I told him to stop thinking too hard. But the conversation and my thoughts last night made me come to a conclusion.

Which means I think I found the reason for this post. Thus far I've been rambling as I think about bed and how hungry I am and how I should make something to eat while my boyfriend cleans up the mess he made in the microwave with his lunch. Poor guy, should give him a kiss to cheer him up. Plus I've been dying to use that image since I found it on Google. Gotta love Google image search.

Anyways! I've come to the conclusion that my writing style isn't complex. It's simple. Short sentences that I feel can be very to the point. Not a lot of big words. I'm not a master writer. Hell, I've only been seriously writing down my stories for two years. I have lots of room for improvement. When I compared JJ's story on I Write Like I got Stephanie Meyer. Being Human got Isaac Asimov. He's the dude who wrote I Am Robot if you didn't know. Good movie, have yet to read the book. Maybe I should.

Hey! My boyfriend didn't like what he made and gave it to me. Hooray for food! Now back to the topic...

I think I lost where I was going with this. Yup, definitely lost where I was going. Oh well, I'm just glad I'm finally waking up. And maybe that I realized everyone has different writing styles, different level of skill but we can still rely on each other to give good feedback. (Even if we slip up and declare we need to fix another's writing. Yes, you know who you are! I'm looking at you right now... Through your window. I found where you live and am stalking you now. Okay, not really but you were scared it was true. Admit it, you felt a sliver of fear slide down your spine.) Feedback that will help make our stories shine and our voice shout loud and clear. On this happy note, I am going to finish lunch, think about writing, maybe get a little written or revised but in all reality, bug the crap out of a writing buddy. Cheers.


  1. Writing simply is one of the most difficult things to do *grin* If someone says your manuscript is an easy read then you should be doing gleeful cartwheels. It's very easy to make a book overwrought.. not so easy to get it succinct with character :)

    The Arrival, on Amazon now.

  2. I like your writing style... it's easy to follow, simple, and keeps my interest. People who try to write complex literary sentences on their first novel usually fail - that's one reason I think you'll succeed.

  3. Awww, thanks Austin. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy.
    Nicole, no one's really said my MS is easy to read. It's just how I feel my writing is.

  4. I love your blog you keep it real. I know it's hard to keep writing everyday things that will interest people. But I guesss if you just be yourself they will come, right? I have a few new post on my blog today of course something about Charlie Sheen aswell.

  5. Your writing style works for me, and I like that little aside with looking over our shoulder through the window...

    Great choice in pictures too. I love the demotivated pics, and Google Image Search is priceless.

  6. Hi Pat thanks for visiting my blog. I responded back to your comment. See you later Ciao

  7. Critique partners may not always realize how they sound...I've had my share of hurt feelings. Which being human are you watching Sci-fi or BBC...both have new seasons.

    I'm your 100th follower...I feel special :)

  8. Demitria, I'm not talking about the TV show, that's the current title of my book
    And congrats for being 100! Number snuck up on me. I might have to do something special.