Thursday, March 31, 2011

A is for April 1st

First day of the A to Z Blog Challenge and there's really not going to be a lot to this post. After all, not only is it April Fool's Day but also my wedding... Kinda... Sorta... Maybe...

I'm not sure what to call it now that I think about it. My boyfriend of eight years and I aren't going to have a ceremony. There's no white dress or quaint church. There's no list of attendees. Including me and Kel eight people will be there. My parents, my little sister and my two best friends whom I've known all my life so their attendance is mandatory. Plus one bff's boyfriend who will probably get elbowed and have "HINT! HINT" whispered at him the whole time.

It's not going to be much of a ceremony. The main reason we're finally tying the knot is Kel got a job with health insurance but I'm the one with medical problems. Don't fret, that's not the only reason, we are madly in love with each other. Hello, eight years together has to mean something right?

So we're getting married and that means everything is going to be messed up. Taxes next year will be totally different, joint checking accounts, both of us on car insurance and I need to figure out what to do about my name. Apparently a woman can take her maiden name and use it as her middle name then take her husband's last name. But Kel has informed me that would make my initials PBR and that's a crappy beer, thus making it out of the question. I don't want to give Lynne up anyways. I've been tacking it on everywhere, my writer friends know me as Patricia Lynne. Honestly, I'd rather keep my maiden name. Despite people butchering the pronunciation (it's Bo - like a bow and arrow - din - like time for din-din) I'm fond of it.

A to Z Blog Challenge

Tomorrow is the start of April and that means the A to Z blog challenge. What is the challenge? Well, let me break it down for you. Every day of the month an April (minus Sundays) I will post an alphabetical blog topic. Then everyone participating checks everyone else blogs out. Last time I checked there was over 600 hundred participates! Wow. I'm thinking I'll pick a few blogs each day to check out. Try to remember to look at the other blogs. I can be such a slacker when it comes to reading other blogs. Unless it comes across my twitter stream. I'm good about that.

I was going to be a bit of a smart ass and do this post as my A post but I came up with another A post and am moving this to the day before. It's amusing, I think I was the only one not trying to think up topics ahead of time... I still haven't thought about my B post. Maybe I'll do that now... Oh, I know! Be warned! This challenge may make me do some very silly posts. I think that might be a good B topic. I do know what C will be and I am looking forward to that. Hmm, no I think I do my C post for U, it will still work. Are you curious now? The rest of the alphabet... I have a few topics in mind but mostly I plan on making it up as I go. One thing I was thinking of doing that would help me keep the topic close to writing is try to write query letters for every story I've written or started writing. Then people can critique them if they want or tell me what they think of the stories.

It should be fun. Despite my quiet and timid personality at times I do like challenges. Ask Chris about the challenge he gave me to write a sex scene in a small short I was playing with for fun. I did it... by the end I didn't want to think about sex but I got it done. (It helped that it was a short story of 11K words.)

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough. Hopefully, I've tickled your interest and you'll check back every day. Til next time, Peace out!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole

I think given the fiasco over at Big Al's Books and Pals I think this is a good time for this blog post. (Go down to the comments and you'll understand if you haven't already heard. It's was burning through twitter yesterday like a wildfire.)

Blogs are way to express one's opinions. We can rant and rave about a topic or sing praise. But expression opinions can be a double edge sword. We risk offending someone or unintentionally hurting someone's feelings. It's not always meant but when you put your views out on the internet, you're bound to find someone who doesn't agree.

The safe bet would be just to keep our mouths shut. Only blog about 'safe' topics. That's a piece of advice for writers I have heard. Don't pick hot topics to discuss, you'll hurt yourself, drive readers away. I don't want to drive readers away but let's be honest. Not everyone is going to like my writing. Some people will hate it, maybe even devote their own blog post to bashing my words.

So why should I let that scare me from expressing an opinion I feel strongly about? I don't think I should. I don't want to cower in fear of my readers. I want to embrace them, share with them, risk exposing myself to them. I want to say, "This is who I am and we may not always see eye to eye but never be afraid to express yourself. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it risks bringing ridicule on yourself."

Hopefully, as long as I'm gentle about the topic, stressing that these are my opinions and I believe my readers are entitled to their own as well, the discussion that follows in the comments will be mature. We'll approach each other with open minds or agree to disagree. If not, if comments get too out of control... well, that's what spam filters and the ability to turn of comments come in handy. ^^;;

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The good ol' days

When I first started writing it was very carefree. I wasn't doing it for anyone but myself. I didn't think about adverbs, tense, fluff words or show not tell. Those things didn't matter to me because I didn't know about them. I just wrote.

Now though, writing is so different. Everything I've learned is crowded in my head, shouting rules to me as I write. I get anxious and nervous when I open a word file. Am I over using words? Is my plot on track? What if this part needs to be cut later? It's hard to sit down and write that first draft with no worries. I have to keep reminding myself: Just write. Once that's done go back and edit.

It makes me wish for those early days before I knew anything about writing. So carefree and full of unhindered creativity. It'd be kind of nice to get back to that. I'm not saying unlearn everything I know but forget temporarily until the first draft is done, then the knowledge can come back and I can start working on making the story into something decent.

It makes me wonder: Do all the rules and advice on writing hinder us once we start learning? When we get stressed over proper verb use or let thoughts of editing get in the way are we holding ourselves back? Maybe a little. Maybe when we open that new document we need to lock everything we know in a vault in our mind. Get our butt in the chair and write with no worries or cares about editing. Once that first draft is cranked out, we can open the vault of rules and knowledge. Turn that pile of words into a story that will capture the hearts of readers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I got Style!

Look at me! I got nominated for being stylish! Thanks Rainy.

Seven Facts about me:
  1.  I find it slightly irritating when people assume my name is spelled Patti and not Patty.
  2. In high school I couldn't write myself out of a paper bag.
  3. I learned how to play bass guitar in my teens and still have my bass and amp.
  4. I  got put in band in sixth grade and wanted to play the sax but ended up playing clarinet.
  5. I have been told by a few people I'm good with kids.
  6. I love reading about serial killers and tend to do it at night when I have to walk through a dark house and end up scaring myself a little.
  7. I <3 Tim Burton and not just because he always casts Johnny Depp. I love him because he is an amazing director.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Update: I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post isn't happy. It's not full of cheer or joy. This post is what the internet is about. Ranting about your feelings while you're feeling crappy then hitting post. Oh, and regretting it all later. I'm going to try not to regret though. Life's too short to live it full of regrets.

My boyfriend's been a sweetheart about my mood. He's been trying to hug me or give me encouraging words. But right now I want to be left alone. Let me wallow in self pity. Oh, what's that? There's people in Japan who probably have a much better reason than I do to feel sorry for themselves?

Thanks, now I feel guilty too.

Suppose I should tell you what's got my goat eh? I had a nice little succession of events hit me and any rants I've had have been met with silence.

Sorry world, forgot I was supposed to be a big ball of yellow sunshine. Happy, happy, happy!

(I try to keep swearing to a minimum on this blog so I can't say what's going through my mind. I'll give you a hint: It sounds an awful lot like muck or buck or puck.)
My boyfriend got a great job at the beginning on the year. It has benefits and health insurance. So we figure might as well finally get married. We've been together for eight years and it's something we've talked about doing. I need the insurance too. My left eye has been hurting a lot and I spent a lot of money I didn't have getting it looked at, filling a prescription to heal it, going in for check ups and now it's hurting again. One possible reason might be rheumatoid arthritis. Plus womanly functions and problems I know men don't want to hear about and I don't want to get into detail require a doctor's attention. Yay! I'm getting married! That's great news! What could make it go wrong?


For the past week and half my writing has taken a backseat. I've gotten a little in, maybe 5000 words but that's life for you. I told my sister I'd stay with her and give her a hand with the new baby and keep her five year old entertained. That was a feat in itself. First day we played together for six hours straight. I have a new love for youtube for giving me a break by having Fireman Sam episodes posted. I thought I'd post a few pictures of my time. The seven hour trip down and back, one of me actually holding the new baby and some of the firehouses my nephew and I made. Enjoy and I promise your regular blog on writing will resume Saturday or Sunday.

 Snow covered trees on I75

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gay, it means happy

Do I need a disclaimer? Should I add one just to cover my butt? Or does everyone know anything written here is my opinion and feelings on a sensitive subject? Also can I ask that everyone please be considerate when they comment? We're all adults (or pretending to be) let's act that way.

I keep hearing these stories about authors who have written a story with gay characters and when they show the story to others people suggest they change the story from M/M or F/F to M/F. I stumbled upon author Jessica Verday's blog about how she was asked just that thing. To have her story be part of an anthology the editor said she needed to change the relationship from gay to hetero. My writing friend, Chris said he someone suggested he change the gender of one of his characters to make his story hetero.

Let's think about this, discuss it, TALK!

Let me say first of that yes, I get publishers and agents are trying to sell a product. But does that make it okay to change a gay story into a hetero one? Maybe it'd be better if the agent found a publisher that had no qualms printing a book with gay characters. They are out there, they may not be part of the big 6 but I'd rather go with a smaller publisher that wasn't concerned with my character's sexuality.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you look I'll have to kill you

I have a problem. Don't worry, it's not a scary have-to-go-to-the-doctor-and-get-that-looked-at problem. More of an annoyance, a slight irritating itch that I can't quite reach. The problem flares its ugly head often, tickling me with slimy fingers that leaves a trace.

I struggle to write when people are around me. I'm not talking about taking my laptop into a coffee shop full of people. I'm talking just my boyfriend in the room or my sister moving around her house as I get a break from my nephew to sneak a few words in. Another presence in the room with me and my ability to write runs for the hills. The feeling of someone leaning over my shoulder, watching every letter appear makes me nervous. My stomach turns and I start squirming like a spotlight is shining over me and a panel of judges are ready to give their verdict.

It's all in my head, I know. My boyfriend isn't paying any attention to what I'm working on and no one is hovering behind me, watching me but I've always been like this. Back when I was all about drawing I never let anyone get a glimpse at my drawing until it was done. It wasn't finished and not ready to be judged. Same goes for my writing. It's not done, don't look! I promise, I'll let you see the chapter when it's done or read the story once I've edited it to my liking. Until then, step back, leave the room and let me write!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to write

Confession time.

I have never read a book on writing. I haven't read Steven King's book on writing, I can't even recall the title right now. My boyfriend downloaded a preview of it to his Nook but the pages were Mr. King talking about his childhood, giving a history of his life. He said he'd buy it for me if I wanted. I said maybe later and later hasn't come yet.

To some this might not be a big deal but to writers... there's probably a few jaws dropping. A lot of writer friends have at some point talked about books they've read on writing. Steven King's book is the one EVERYONE recommends. If you read only one book on writing that is the book to read. I'm sure if I asked, my writer buddies would rush to recommend the ones they loved and learned a lot from.

But I'm not asking and I won't be anytime soon. You see, I was an art freak in high school and went to college for a year (and half) for art. My high school art teacher was amazing, I loved him, my other artsy friends in the class with me loved him. The only people who didn't love him were the ones that took Art I and II thinking it was a slacker class then found out there's a lot more to art the putting pencil to paper. My art teacher stressed one rule and it was this:

Do NOT read how to book - more specifically how to draw books.

How to draw books were nothing more than another artist trying to make you draw the same way he or she did. That was just wrong in my art teacher's opinion. Everyone's artistic style was different and using a how to draw book only stifled an individual's style. We had to discover our own style and nurture it.

That's how I feel about writing books. I see interviews with writers or authors giving tips and saying, "Read as many books on the craft you can." What I hear are my art teacher words. Do not use how to books. So i say no to how to write books. I'm not going to read them and let them tell me how to write. That's stifling my style, hindering my creativity. Yes, I will pay attention to grammar rules and punctuation. I will learn about fluff words. I will listen to advice on sentence structure. I will ask for help and consider suggestions. But I'm not picking up a book to do that.

I just can't.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who are you?

I think character introduction is one of the things I struggle with the most. Like minor characters - the ones that pop up once or twice to move the story along and never be seen again. The character usually grinds me to a half. The character only moves the plot along so finer details about the character isn't important. Still, sometimes I pause, wondering if skimmer over details hurts the picture I'm trying to paint with words.

Then there's the name. I can never figure out names. Usually I end up googling girl names or boy names or even draw off people I know to name a character. Sometimes I stare at the computer screen, fingers poised as I try to figure out this minor character that may never appear again.

I struggle with main characters too. Especially in first person. You can't really describe the character because it comes off sounding vain. But you want people to know what the MC looks like! So you sneak the details in. I ran my fingers through my honey blond hair. Or how about: My green eyes reflected back to me through the glass asking, What are you doing? I couldn't answer them.

Minor or major characters, details are important. You want to paint a picture in the reader's mind. You want the characters to feel as real to the reader as they are to you. 

So how do you paint? What tricks and tips do you employ to describe your characters? How do you bring them to life?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Think Darth Vader meets Dora the Explorer

There's a piece of advice floating around. It concerns comparing your story to another. Part of the advice warns never to compare your story to an already published story. Especially a big name author. The other part of the advice suggests comparing your story to a movie. Whether or not you use a movie or another book for the comparison, it's sound advice. Comparing one thing to another is a quick way to describe your story. It got me thinking. What can I compare Being Human to?

The answer: I have no idea. I am drawing a blank. Most stories where the vampires aren't mourning over their lost humanity and enjoying hunting humans makes the vampires the bad guys. Any vampire that doesn't act that way, pining for the good ole human days instead is a good vampire that doesn't kill humans.

Umm... Yeah. Tommy doesn't really fit into those stereotypes. While he doesn't strive to regain his humanity, he does strive to understand humans and why he'll do things that, in his opinion, aren't very good for his survival. He also doesn't miss being human and is quite fond of the hunt. The only reason he wouldn't kill is because it's a survival-smart move.

Okay, so comparing Being Human to another vampire story is out. That's probably a good thing too. Comparing a vampire story to another vampire tale might do more harm than good. I'm limiting the range of sight a person can imagine with. Especially since I'm trying to step out of the borders of all the vampire stories that came before.

Now who or what can I compare it to? I still have nothing. No books, no movies, not even a video game comes to mind. Can anyone lend me a hand? What can I compare my story about a boy who is content as a vampire and trying to understand what it means to be human even though he no longer remembers being human to?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twitter Tools

Yes, I know, my title isn't that interesting. I like to try to come up with something funny or quirky, grab your attention and reel you in. But you're going to have to cut me some slack this one time. Please, I promise I have some great titles lined up in the weeks to come!

Now that you have my promise shall we get on to the topic mentioned in said lame title?

Twitter tools. Everyone has ways to use twitter effectively. Top ten twitter apps. Five ways to do more and still spend less time on twitter. What ever writer needs to use with twitter. After a while you start seeing the same tools rehashed. Hopefully, this post isn't rehashing anything.

I'm sure you've all heard of peek times to tweet. (Or facebook but what I found doesn't work for facebook so this post us useless in that aspect. Oh well, can't win them all.) Peek twitter time is a good thing, it's when you need to get your tweets on so everyone can see. It's in the morning, between 8am and 10am I think. I don't know. I'm not awake when peek twitter time rolls around. Let the record show that Patricia Lynne doesn't do mornings. (I get up around 11am. Was getting up earlier but past few weeks, not so early. I think part of the reason is for the past two years, my job as a baker meant I had to get my butt out of bed at 6am. I have two years worth of sleeping in to make up for!)

So what's a girl to do when she's snoozing at peek twitter times?

Simple, find a way to schedule tweets. I googled schedule tweets and the results back weren't bad. Not a ton, but enough variety... Sorta. A few links didn't work but there was one in particular that caught my eye. Twuffer. I love it. You got to, allow it to access twitter, type out your tweet, pick a time, hit schedule and BOOM! You're done. This post right here is going to be scheduled to tweet at peek times. My last few blog posts were scheduled. No more worrying about getting up for me. Twuffer gets up for me.

So ask yourself, what can Twuffer do for you? (For the record, I am not getting paid for this. I just really like this twitter tool. And I kind of needed something to blog about because I'm saving a few other posts for later. Seriously, it's a good tool. I've used it like eight times so far. Nine once I publish this. My boyfriend will vouch it works too. He saw a tweet come across his stream but knew I wasn't awake. It does work. I also wanted to put a picture up. I'm having this obsession with putting images in each blog posts. Unfortunately, Twuffer doesn't have any funny images of it yet and I'm not about to make one. I think I've rambled enough. Publish and schedule! After a quick edit.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Writing can be like wine. The more time that passes the better your writing becomes. Or maybe a better analogy would be evolution. Your writing evolves as you write. Either way it is true, time passes and your writing improves with each second.

Think of a series. Which book do you love the most? For me I always love the later books in a series better than the first books. The first ones aren't horrible, but the later books just feel better, the writing is better. Even in individual books I've noticed this. The beginning I tend to stop, noticing choppy paragraphs, a disruption in flow but as I read the flow smooths out and by the end I haven't noticed a single sentence that felt choppy.

It's not just others writing but my own as well. I can see the improvements I made if I go back and read older stories I've written. Even in Being Human. I'll admit right now that I've had a few people say the beginning is the weakest, that as they read my writing became stronger. Does that mean the beginning sucks? Not at all. It simply means that I have aged and evolved. Will I change the beginning? Only a little. I've tweeked it after a friend's critique. A few sentences disappeared, a few words changed here or there but all in all, nothing major was changed. The beginning isn't crap after all. I have simply grown since and will continue to grow as long as I continue to write.

Change can be terrifying but it's something we all have to face. I think that was one of the lessons I tried to teach Tommy in his story. He fears he's changing too much, hating how complex his life feels and the uncertainty before him. Something we all have felt at one point. In the end, Dan helps Tommy understand, explaining how change is good, can make us a better person (or in Tommy's case a better vampire.)

PS: I got the title from the song Changes by Butterfly Boucher. Listen to it, get it stuck in your head. It's stuck in mine!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Squee-worthy news

I just had a squee moment. For those of you who don't know what a squee is, Urban Dictionary says this: A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely used among the web community. Did I literally make the noise? Out loud?

No but I came close.

So what is the cause for my excitement? What is making me jump up and down? My all time favorite author, the one that inspired me to pursue publishing my own stories, Heather Brewer unveiled the cover to first book in her next series The Slayer Chronicles.

This series I am DYING to read. I love Joss. From the moment he appeared in Ninth Grade Slays I have adored him. There's just something about vampire slayers, the get me, right in the heart like a stake. Even with my undying passion for vampires, introduce a slayer and I start rooting for the other team.

Unfortunately, the first book, titled First Kill doesn't come out until September 2011. I'm not sure I can wait. I mean, look at that cover? How can you not love it? I know you're squeeing along with me. Admit it.

Does anyone own a time travel device? A Delorean that goes into the future? Seriously, I need one. Now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sample Sunday: Thirsty

Since Drew has been talking a little more I thought today I'd throw up a sample and let you get to know him. This sample Drew is talking with Clay. Clay and his brother Mackie are foster parents, only they take in difficult kids. Keep in mind as you read, Drew doesn't know he's a vampire. He was found alone in the basement of a house with his brother upstairs dead. Hopefully as you read you will start piecing together why Drew is clueless. I should also mentioned Drew's story is a sequel to Being Human. Enjoy.

Footsteps thumped above, moving across the floor. Slowly the door opened, the creak stretching into eternity. Dark figures stood in the doorway, blinding light shining around them and casting their faces in shadows. But it didn’t matter, I could still see and there was nothing to see. Their faces were smooth, cream-colored masks. They moved down the steps together. Noises came from the void faces and one reached for me. Claws protruded from each finger, curling to rip through my flesh.

Panic rose in my chest, a desperate need to flee. But my only means of escape was the door behind the figures. If I wanted to survive I had to fight. I dropped into a crouch, coiling my body up, preparing to fight. A slight sliver of relief ran through me at the movement in my mouth. I pulled my teeth back, the breath hissing through my teeth.

“Drew, relax.”

Clay’s voice cut through the memory. My hands ached as I released my grip on the seat of my chair. I shook with each breath I pulled in,  feeling calm trickle into me. “Just a memory.

Clay sat across from me, pen and paper in hand, one leg crossed over the other. “That’s right,” he assured me. “Just a memory. Now I want you to go back. To before you went to the basement. What happened?”

“I was with my brother. There was a storm and he was scared. He wanted me to comfort him.”

“Okay.” Clay replied, not asking me to elaborate. We both knew what happened and had discussed it. “Try going back farther. What happened before you went into your brother’s room? Where you in your bedroom or downstairs watching TV? Do you remember seeing your parents? What happened?”

I closed my eyes, searching my mind. A tall black wall loomed before me, cutting through my memories. I searched along the wall, trying to find a way through, to see something in the void. My silence told Clay where I was at.


“I’m sorry.”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Warning, this post may be pointless

I'm feeling the need to post something for today but I don't want to use the topics I've already drafted out. So I thought I'd do another post about another muscian I love. This musician I'm going to admit having a girl crush on. I love her, love listening to her, watching her videos even looking at pictures of her. So who is this woman that my boyfriend must compete with?

Shakira! Come on, look at her! You gotta admit she is beautiful and hot! Even if you don't dig chicks, you know you wouldn't say no to that! (Well, maybe you could say no, but I wouldn't.)

Shakira is number one favorite female musician of mine. Number two if you take out gender. Sorry Shakira, your hips can't knock Green Day out of their place in my heart. But like Green Day I have a full day's worth of music by Shakira. I see an album by her I don't have, I buy it. In my opinion the Spanish lyrics are way better than the English. Only problem is I don't know Spanish so I can't sing along. I do know the English lyrics to Las De La Intuicion but only because I found a video on youtube and played it until I knew most of the words.

All time favorite song. Whenever, Wherever. Duh! Las De La Intuicion comes in second though. Her She Wolf album didn't get the best reviews but I still loved it and her latest, Sale El Sol is amazing. It definitely goes back to her teenage years and has a heavier Latino influence. I will also admit to downloading the singles when they come out then the whole album so I have multiple versions of the same song on my MP3 player.

Yes, I make my boyfriend listen to her in the car too. He makes me listen to screaming metal so it's only fair.

Have I seen Shakira live? I wish. I know if I got the opportunity I would. My opinion is she's an amazing artist. She writes a lot of her own music, she can play a few of the instruments and she can do it all while belly dancing. Plus she is a good person.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This story would be so much better if....

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Agents and publishers are trying to sell a product. It's their bottom line. Their suggested edits will reflect that. But what if they ask for a major change?

A blog about just that happening came across my twitter stream the other day. You can read the blog at Ellie Ann Battles A Black Protagonist. For those of you who want the cliff notes, pretty much the agent suggested changing the black, male main character into a white girl. The agent's reasoning was for the genre, Middle Grade, that sort of story wouldn't sell. What was selling were girl protagonist. Apparently young, black boys don't read.

Whether or not that's true isn't my point. My point is that is a major change! Was it even possible for Ellie to write the story with a girl? It got me thinking about my stories and my characters. I didn't sit down and decide this one is going to be this gender and this color while that one is this gender and color. Nope, how I wrote my characters is how they appeared to me. I can't change their gender or skin color. It would destroy the realism. They way they think and act is connected to those two factors. I can't see Tommy as a African American or Latino. JJ and Cage? There wouldn't be a story if I changed their genders so the relationship would be hetro and easier to sell. Another story I have a boy who is half black half white and I can't picture him any other way.

The thought of having someone – anyone – tell me I need to change my characters because that stereotype doesn't sell irks me. Makes my blood boil. Aren't you getting it? I didn't make them this way! This is how they were born! Sure the birth wasn't flesh and blood but it still happened in my head. At first there was nothing then BAM! A character appeared, fully developed with personality, likes, dislikes and features that stated what gender and ethnicity they were. Not only am I insulted you think they should change but they are too!

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Maybe I have to step back and remind myself that agents and publishers are trying to sell a product and they have to go with what sells. Still! I think characters appear as they are for a reason. It's part of the story and saying they need to change to fit in with the rest of the sheep is just encouraging the idea individuality isn't okay. We need to go with the flow. Well guess what? I'm changing the flow.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I tried to think up a title and all I got was this

This is how I feel today. Ready to go back to bed after sleeping in way too late. My eyes feel heavy and puffy and my limbs tired and weak. If I laid my head on the keyboard I would fall asleep and it'd feel like heaven! It's not a complete surprise. I did bring this on myself. Last night I stayed up late, pushing past my sleepiness to finish a short story that started brewing. I have never written a short story before so it was fun and new. Did I cover everything I needed to cover, develop characters enough? Not sure but hey, that's what rewrites are for. 

When I finally went to bed I still lay awake with my mind churning. A chat with a friend about Being Human consumed my thoughts. It wasn't anything major, he was trying to be helpful, I was being a little stubborn but trying to appreciate the suggestions. He did irk me when he said a part he needed to think on to figure out how to fix it. I told him to stop thinking too hard. But the conversation and my thoughts last night made me come to a conclusion.

Which means I think I found the reason for this post. Thus far I've been rambling as I think about bed and how hungry I am and how I should make something to eat while my boyfriend cleans up the mess he made in the microwave with his lunch. Poor guy, should give him a kiss to cheer him up. Plus I've been dying to use that image since I found it on Google. Gotta love Google image search.