Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take Two

When I look back at my older works, I cringe. I cringe at the run on sentences, mixed use of past or present tense, abundance of fluff words and more. It makes me cringe and shudder that I wrote that. It's not unusual either, many writers often say their first story is bad and will never see the light of day.

But why? Why not rewrite it? Start with a blank document and rewrite the story now that your writing has improved? You know more, you can fix plot holes, bad sentences and grammar. It may take some time. You may have to read through what you originally wrote, taking notes on plot points or certain dialogue that you'd like to keep. You can do it, make it the story it deserves to be.

I'm gonna try it.

I have a few finished stories (unfinished ones as well) that aren't bad stories but the writing is lacking. They were my first attempts at writing and I'd like to try to rewrite them. Fix the problems, make them into amazing stories with writing that isn't horrendous. Even if I never pursue publishing them, I want to do this, see if I can, challenge myself. I know the story, know how it starts and ends. So half the work is already done. If nothing else, I've found a good writing exercise to improve my writing.


  1. Cool idea... Ray Bradbury (the awesome guy behind Fahrenheit 451) says that writing short stories is the best way for new authors to improve their writing. There's something about writing a short story - it's nice to be able to finish something in a week or two... as opposed to a novel (which takes forrrrever).

  2. I give you writer so much credit. Personally I wont look at old images I have taken. Been there done that. UNless they are what I think is my top stuff and to be honesty I rarely ever think anything is my top stuff lol
    Thats kind of sad I guess but it does drive me

  3. That's interesting Patricia. I go back through my current WIP and hate it sometimes! I might look over some of my old work one of these days and see what I can do to improve them.

    Austin, I think I actually read once that Fahrenheit 451 started as a short story or a serial piece and Bradbury was convinced to flesh it out into a longer novella. Don't quote me on this, but I think it might have come from the introduction to my copy at home ..! Would be interesting if true!

  4. Great post! Just look at your growth, with what you know now compared to those first works. They'll be that much better. Found this on Twitter.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Right now I've restarted an untitled story. Already I'm down a few hundred words and it's going quite fast since half the work is already done.

  6. You are brave! If there's something there, why not go for it? Let us know how it turns out!

  7. That's an interesting challenge (but I think I'll pass on it, haha). Best of luck though!