Sunday, February 20, 2011

Megg Jensen talks indie publishing

Well, last winner never contacted us so Jamie I choose you! Congrats!

Alright guys, think I'm starting a pattern. An author to guest post once a month along with a goodie. Today's guest is Megg Jensen and she's here to tell her journey into the self publishing world. And as a prize for commenting, one luck person will have their pick: ebook or paperback of her debut novel Anathema. Oh yeah, before I forget (because I have) contest will be open to comments until February 28th. Enjoy!

Magic. Lies. Manipulation

Reychel is a slave girl sheltered from the outside world with no hope for escape. The night before her dreaded fifteenth birthday, her best friend disappears, leaving her to face her branding ceremony - when her master’s sigil is burned on the back of her bald scalp – alone. She soon discovers nothing is as it seems when people desperate for freedom beg for her help.

Can Reychel learn to believe in herself in time?

Thanks for telling your story Megg and now, without further ado:

Why did I decide to go indie? You might be surprised to know that I didn't exhaust all of my options for traditional publishing. In fact, I withdrew my manuscript from the consideration of two agents to go independent.

Think I'm crazy?

Let me tell you why not.

Let's rewind to November of 2010, I'd been submitting to literary agents for nearly a year. My first novel had gone through all of the agents I wanted. I'd had quite a few fulls requested, but most ended with the same rejection - "It's not your writing, it's the market." The book didn't fit in. While querying I wrote another novel. I felt this one was even better than the last. I sent it off to the same agents, many of whom had requested I send my next book to them the second it was ready. Guess what? Even more full requests, which eventually meant more rejections. But these rejections were encouraging. I knew I just had to fine "the one."

By November, my awesome friend Karly Kirkpatrick had decided to self-pub her book Into the Shadows. She urged me to join her in e-pubbing, but I wasn't ready. I was still convinced I would find an agent. I was still convinced that was the best way to pursue publishing. But on December 28th, I read a blog post by J.A. Konrath that changed my publishing life.

You Should Self-Publish laid it all out - the numbers of publishing and the fact that self-pubbing was becoming legit. In some cases, it was more successful than traditional publishing. People were making some serious money and the exposure was sometimes greater than traditionally pubbed authors.

My head spun and I talked my husband's ears off. On January 3rd, I withdrew my manuscript from agent consideration. Yes, I actually emailed a few agents who had requested my full and told them I was no longer interested in representation. I got in touch with Karly. She squeed. I squeed.

I have not looked back. I have not regretted my decision. In fact, I've never been so excited about my career.

Is self-pubbing for everyone? Probably not. But I don't think anyone should discount it as a viable option ever again.


  1. Wow. Talk about determination and drive! Congrats on taking a huge step in getting published. And I'm sure that with all those agents interested in your work, readers will love it as well.

  2. This is a huge step, I always heard about self published authors but never read about their journey and how they decided take this step. Good luck with your work.

  3. Hmm, I think I came up with some questions Megg. lol
    Can I ask who did your cover art?
    What did you do for editing? Did you find an editor have naturally bad ass editing skills?

  4. Robin Ludwig Design did my cover. She is a goddess. I have ZERO art skills. (

    As for editing, I do have naturally bad ass editing skills. I was a journalist for six years so I had to be bad ass or I'd get dumped. HOWEVER, all of my work goes through at least two, usually three to four, other equally bad ass writing friends. I may be awesome, but I am not perfect. ;)

  5. Jamie & Ana Lucia - thanks so much! I'm definitely excited about the future of my writing career. :D

  6. It's really inspirational to hear about your journey, it's not for everyone because you have to have talent and commitment both of which show through here. I'm really excited for your future too - this made for a great read.

  7. That takes some serious drive, but I bet it is also extremely liberating to be the one in control of your book and your future. I hope self-pubbing works out for you Megg!

  8. Thanks SJ. I know I can supply the commitment ... I guess the measure of my talent is up to my readers. ;)

    Thanks Logan! It is liberating, but I am control freak at heart, so it's really a great arrangement.

  9. That blog post by J A Konrath was largely responsible for my decision to self-publish as well. It's early days yet, but I don't regret it at all.

  10. That's amazing. After finding Konrath's blog I too changed my perspective entirely. Contratulations and I wish you all the success!

  11. ShadowKatz - I wonder how many of us took the plunge after that post...

    Matthew - Thank you so much!!!! :D

  12. Thanks for sharing your story. As you know, I've been keeping a close eye on you and Karly and wish you both great success!

  13. Hey Cherie, thanks for stopping by!!! :)

  14. Putting this in the comment sections in hope everyone who commented see as well.

    A winner has been chosen via and the winner is Matthew. Matthew, you get your choice of ebook or paperback of Megg's debut novel, Anathema. Congrats!

  15. Hey Matthew,

    Blogger doesn't allow us to access your profile, so drop me an email at to claim your prize. :)


  16. if he doesn't claim his prize, are you going to choose a new winner? :D