Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Sunday meet Fallen

It's Sunday! Are you excited? Do you know what this means? Church, yeah. Resting, yup. But more importantly it means #SampleSunday on Twitter and for me it means time to introduce another character from Being Human! Please hold your appluase.

This Sunday's character is named Fallen. Not her real name. After all vampires fear real names so when Tommy stumbles upon her and some friends one night she makes up a few on the fly. This scene is after Tommy's figured out she his friend and you discover that not only do humans think vampires are unnatural, but vampires believe it as well. Enjoy. (Also, for a certain someone, HA! I got the last laugh in!)

“How often do you kill? It can't be every night... Can it?”

I gave Fallen a sideways look. I had apologized to her. For accusing her of lying, threatening to kill her and not showing up the next night. I didn't tell her the reason why. I had been injured, in need of blood and would have killed her. My brother may have been safe from me, but she definitely wasn't. I would have heard her heartbeat, thought about the blood fueling her heart and attacked.

The thought crossed my mind though – an easy meal for sure.

Nor did I tell her I thought apologizing was pointless. I did it only because I knew my brother would tell me to. He said I needed to stop being so insensitive. I thought I was being honest.

“No, I only hunt when I need to.”

“Need, you've used that before. What does it mean exactly?”

I rolled my eyes. Comments like that was what made me doubt her intelligence. “It means what it implies. When I need to feed, I hunt. When you get hungry you eat, correct? You need to eat. I need to hunt.”

“So it's hunger, but aren't vampires hungry all the time?” Fallen asked.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked instead.

We were on the far side of campus, away from the dorms. I hadn't been to this area much, there was no need. Unfamiliarity wasn't a problem, but the amount of light was. The area was well lit, with lights at each door, along the sidewalks and spaced out among the parking lot. At least at the dorms, there were plenty of dark spots to hide in. Here I felt exposed.

“Hmm?” Fallen blinked rapidly, glancing around. “I dunno, I was just walking, not paying attention.”

“That's how a vampire could get you.” I noted.

Fallen shrugged. “If one does I can only pray it's painless or I wake back up.”

“Why would you want to wake back up? You'd be a vampire then. That's stupid.”

You woke back up. You're a vampire.”

“I never said I wanted to be one.” I looked at her, scowling. “It's not a choice any of us have. Instead of dying we wake back up and forget being human. It's not right. Humans aren't meant to be vampires.”

“How can you say that?” Fallen demanded.

I kept my gaze steady on her, actually wishing she'd flinch. “Why else would we forget being human and change so much? I forgot everything human about me, when I see pictures of myself as a human, I don't recognize that human as me.”

“If you forget how do you know you didn't want to be one? Maybe it was a secret wish.” Fallen insisted.

“Because when I woke back up I had denial. I thought not me again and again. Then I went home and murdered my parents.”

“But not your brother? Your twin.” Fallen smiled at me.

“No, I saw him and stopped.”


“I don't know, it was a feeling. I looked at him and knew we were the same. Or had been the same.” I explained.

“Twin bond. There's no proof but a lot of twins say they feel connected. If one dies the other knows and feels the loss.” Fallen nodded thoughtfully.

“Yes.” I replied, awed she understood something my brother was certain other humans never understood. My eyes snapped away from her. “Someone's coming!” I disappeared up the side of a building before Fallen can respond.


  1. I really cant wait to read this when its finally a published book.
    You have me intrigued:)