Friday, January 28, 2011

Reality of a dream

by Patricia Lynne
This is the fourth chapter in the Daisy Lemmas Riff Blog Chain.

The noise is thunderous as she locks the door, a roar of voices, horns and bells. She takes a moment to steel herself, then turns. People fill the streets, rushing to and from. Not one gives her a glance, in fact, any that look her way are quick to turn away. It tears at her soul, knowing the turn her life took.

What did It want from her?

The question felt selfish, but necessary.

The diner she seeks isn't far, but far enough. Inside is packed, people leaning over their coffees. She pushes her way to the counter.

"Good morning! Your usual?" The young boy was always so cheerful.

She nodded without a word and he didn't press her. By now he knew she wouldn't talk, his earlier attempts in vain. The coffee presented burned her lips as she sipped, but the pain didn't matter. Pain was a sign she was awake, away from the horrible void in her dreams. God, how she wanted to escape but unable to wake!

What did It want?

Desperate to escape back to the dingy motel, she turns, freezing. No! It can't be here! Not in the real world! Blackness swirled in the doorway blocking her. Panic gripped her chest, a scream rising. It ripped from her throat screeching against her ears and she fell.

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  1. Thank you so much, will keep passing the word around. :)
    Cheers - Dora

  2. interesting concept, and I liked your chapter. Might go check out the first 3 too.

  3. Nice...definitely sparked my curiosity. Made me want to know more...

  4. Love it, Patricia, very inspiring! :p I have the next part of the story on my blog.

  5. Thanks, added your link to the list!

  6. Your part of the story left us open for many things, love how we could have taken the story in many directions.

  7. There's a sense of familiarity, yet danger and intrigue and I want to know more..

  8. Chapter 13 is up - Anna’s Obsession -

  9. Powerful and graphic! The pitch blackness of the void devours her and I want to read more! Congratulations. Loved it.