Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life, seriously, knock it off

Life, you and I need to have a little chat. You're getting in my way! I know you think you're important and truth be told, you are, but seriously, stop it. I'm getting to the end of my rope and I don't think I can wait until Saturday when my boyfriend and I move into our new apartment, furnish it or I get a job that puts money into my bank account. I just want to write and life, you're not helping.

It's frustrating, the words not flowing or when they do flow it's only a quick burst. Even when I lay in bed trying to sleep the words are stopped up and that's my best time to have ideas come to me. It's not from lack of trying either. I've stared and stared at one story, then another, write a sentence or two then stop. Nothing comes. No amazing descriptions, catchy dialogue, intense action. There's nothing there, in my head. Turning off distractions isn't helping either. I'm still sitting here, struggling for the right words to say, hoping that typing all this out will unleash the floodgates. Only now it's silent.

I'm at a loss for what to do, how to work past this road block. Because life shouldn't stop my writing. It may cut in quite often, but flat out stopping my writing? No, I don't want that. I want to be able to let the words flow whenever I open a blank document or open a notebook. I want writing to be part of my life, in sync with it, dancing together. I want to write.

For life.


  1. LOL, sounds like you need a blow out!!!
    A fun filled, alcohol fueled, no holds barred blow out. Get rid of the cobwebs and re ignite the creative juices:)
    Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the move:)

  2. I agree with Cath, I think you need to step away from the worry about what you're not writing. Go and do something fun, let your mind relax and at the point you're not worrying, it will come :)

  3. I think the problem is more drastic in reverse: when writing interferes with life.

  4. Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for the follow... and i think i can relate to this... i feel you on you on your last paragraph... as a poet and writer i can so much feel your hunger... hunger to write and re-righting your thoughts... right now i don't have any poems to feature co'z of the busy schedule i have with my studies... and i'm hoping to write somethin' sooner... hope evrything is well to you and goodluck.

    Take care.

  5. Cath and Rebecca, you buying? ;)
    I think once the move is over and we're settled into our new place, the creativity will come back. Right now I can't go five minutes without thinking about everything going on, there's so much! I know the writing is there too, because I have no problems with blogs, it's just my characters voices are drowned out by life.

    Kevin I liked how you worded it. It is a hunger.

  6. I'm sure the voices will be back! Like everyone else said, just try to clear your head by getting out, drinking, or whatever. :o) I hope your move goes smoothly!

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  8. I do not worry about characters and their voices, because I write essays, journal articles and memoir. But I can certainly connect when you say the ideas are just not flowing. Those times are all connected to upheavals and/or major changes in my life when a lot was going on...even the Christmas holidays can do that to me. But the creative bursts always return when the distractions go away.

    Writers are sensitive, creative people and cannot help but be affected by "life" as you put it. Just give in to it, knowing that that strong urge to write will return...your characters will again be whispering in your ears and all will be right with the world.

  9. Is it bad three people told me to go get wasted? lol
    Thanks for the comments, had a character talk a little yesterday, I was happy to listen.

  10. When I can't write, when I can't find the words I'll either start a ridiculous fight with my girlfriend about who was the better landlord on Three's Company.

    I know it was the Ropers, but will claim it was Mr. Furley just to get a fight going.

    Or I will go around to blogs I like and post comments about Three's Company and shamelessly put a link to my own blog in their comment section.

    Hope that helps.

    Love love love