Saturday, January 15, 2011

Five things you didn't know about vampires

by Tommy

First off, I'd like to state this is pointless. I don't get it. Both why I have to do it or why Patty insists on the blog in the first place. She assures me it's needed - although not to survive, which is why I'm skeptic. Then my brother, Dan jumped in, stating if I wanted my story told then yes I needed to do it. Readers have only been listening to Patty's ramblings and if I wanted them to understand not only vampires but me, I needed do it. Give a little insight to the vampires of the world I live in. My niece also added and I quote, "It will be sooooo much fun, Uncle! You'll love it! Let's make you a Facebook profile next!" My reply, naturally, "What is a face book?"

Then they tried to bribe me. Then threatened me with my name. Then they said my name and I had no choice. Now I have to do this pointless blog. It's really hard for vampires to resist the pull of our names. Guess that can be fact one.

Vampires will listen when you use their name. It's almost compulsive, like a command or order. While it can be resisted, its easier to listen. Not listening when someone uses my names puts a knot of anxiety in me. Then I get snappy and bite things.

Welcoming a vampire is the only way a vampire can enter a home. I've never been sure why vampires have to be invited into homes. I assume so we don't wipe out the humans and destroy our food source. Although animals have blood too, but I don't know... The idea of fur in my mouth isn't appealing. Maybe if my survival was at risk. Anyways, energy is what keeps us out. It hums and buzzes when we get close, throwing us back if it's strong enough. I've forced my way through a few times and the results aren't pretty. Dan says I looked like I danced with a cheese grater.

Vampires will NOT go into a frenzy at the smell or sight of blood. That myth is plain ridiculous, okay? Do you know how clumsy humans are? They are constantly bleeding. I can not go anywhere without smelling a hint of blood. If vampires went crazy at the smell of blood I'd fall into desire whenever I approached a hospital. There wouldn't be a place on earth vampires could go to escape the smell. We deal with blood the same way a human deals with food when they aren't hungry, we ignore it... Mostly.

Natural death is a waste of blood. A human dies and what happens to the blood? Nothing, it gets wasted. If you're a human and you're dying around me, I will kill you. It's nothing personal, I'd rather drink the blood then let it go waste. It's not like dying by vampire is a bad way to go. At least if it's me. I'll knock you unconscious first.

Vampires aren't solitary. When we are first turned, yes, we get antsy and try to kill each other but if there's a bit of distance (ten or fifteen feet,) we just snarl and growl until we become comfortable with each other's presence. The older the vampire, the less hostile the vampire will be around others. Even a vampire needs company.

Can I be done now? I think I've said enough and I'm getting hungry. As soon as I woke tonight I was dragged to the computer. I wasn't even all the way up the stairs! I need to go hunt and then I want to see Sunlight.


  1. Awesome. It's nice to hear from one of your characters. And I have to admit, I actually have facebook accounts for four of my characters ><

  2. Don't feel bad, the thought has crossed my mind... Tommy would kill me if I made him a facebook though. lol!

  3. You are not totally right, you don't know the real vamps.