Sunday, December 12, 2010

Point of view

I realized something about the point of views in my stories: They don't really follow the usual POV. By usual I mean in a lot of young adult paranormal books you have the POV of the girl. She's the one that gets the most time as she wonders what is up with mystery boy, why is he so secretive, why won't he come out during the day. Even if the girl is the paranormal, there is still a mystery guy that has her wondering what his secret is. Maybe it's because the target audience is female and the author figures girls relate better to girl characters. Which isn't untrue. It could also be because the author wants the mystery, wants the reader wondering and discovering along with her.

I don't.

I like to put my reader into the mind of mystery boy. Of the vampire the girl is wondering about or the boy that's harboring a great secret that our heroine is determined to discover. I love getting into those character's minds and almost all of my stories reflect that.

Take my one story, Forever Ebony (which isn't finished by the way, but pretty close.) Forever Ebony is about a boy and a girl, Jackson and Ebony (aka Candy but she hates that name.) Jackson is a vampire and Ebony is a goth girl and it's a love story between the two. Very cliche right? But the story doesn't follow Ebony, wondering with her why she only sees Jackson at night or any of those cliches as she strives to understand Jackson's mysterious behavior. The story starts out from Jackson's POV. Even though I switch to Ebony and tell some from her POV, Jackson is the main character. His POV is the one I want to show readers the most, his mind is what's laid out in the story. We see what he is thinking, why he has to keep being a vampire secret and why at one point, he pretty much says, "Screw it. Eb, I'm a vampire."

I could write it from Ebony's POV if I wanted, follow her as she lives her human life, wonders what Jackson is hiding, the eventual discovery of what he is and the challenges it presents both of them and their relationship. Maybe it'd make a good book, but honestly, IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! Twilight anyone? Hush Hush, Fallen, Evermore, Shadow Hills, The Hallow. Those are all good books, but they follow the same path: The girl as she quests to understand mystery boy, discover his secrets and how it will affect their love.

Give me something new, put me in mystery boy's mind! Let me see what he's thinking, his motivation, his challenges. Let's delve into something a little different. (And let me just point out, I know there are stories like that, ones that follow mystery boy. I've read a few. I'm just saying, I don't think they are as abundant.)

That's why I feel my stories are different. What sets them apart from other stories. The POV. Even if my stories are like other stories out there, the POV isn't. I couldn't tell Being Human from a POV other than Tommy's. Forever Ebony wouldn't be the same if it only Ebony was talking. The stories would switch from being about him to being about her. That's not what I want, that's not whose story I'm trying to tell.

PS: If I'm wrong and you know of a slew of books from mystery boy's POV, (or any POV that doesn't follow the usual characters,) let's hear them! Post them, I would love to check them out and I bet others would too.

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