Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I might have to disagree with my title. While the holiday season is a great time, this week in particular.... well, if you could see the line of tickets I have at my job for Christmas orders you'd be a bit sour too. That's not including all the last minute orders of 'I need two dozen green scarfed snowmen sugar cookies NOW!' or all the normal stuff that people are buying more of because of the holidays. My boss today asked if I was going to make more Christmas cookies. I looked at her like, Are you kidding??? Because not only on top of all the orders, I started training my replacement because my boyfriend and I are going to be moving soon. And since we are moving, we have some friends we need to see and give Christmas presents to and say goodbye. Then at some point today I realized it was a new week and that meant I had to squeeze at least one blog post in and I nearly head-desked because I had no idea what to say. (Hence this rant of a post.)

So let's see, I have a dozen custom orders to get done by the 25th, an unknown amount of last minute orders, my usual workload, training a new baker, goodbyes to friends and a move coming up. It's exhausting thinking about it!

So wish me luck on my fun filled week! Hopefully I'll get some editing or writing done. Hopefully, later I will have something more interesting to blog about. Hopefully I won't contract diabetes from looking at too many sugar cookies!

PS those are my hand turkeys for Thanksgiving. They are about the diameter of a soft ball with frosting piled on, more frosting for the design and then we top it off with sugar sprinkles! These are ones with the lesser amount of frosting too. The wreathes I do for Christmas have a quarter inch thick frosting around the edges.

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  1. Those look delicious. Hope it was a good holiday season. :)