Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Impromptu Holiday Contest

 Thank you everyone for all the comments! Cathy's Chatter, you won via number paper in a hat and my boyfriend! lol! Pop your mailing address and rings size to me at kurro @ so I can mail it out.

December is here and I've been musing on non-writing things. Mostly my
little craft business and my last craft show of the year that I haven't made any hats for.(PL Treasures for those of you who don't know what I do when I'm not writing, or what I should be doing instead of writing at times!)

With various holiday celebrations coming up fast I thought I'd have a little contest featuring my most popular item: Sterling Silver Mood Ring.

So tell me, what do you plan to do this holiday season? Comment for a chance to win. I'll pick a winner on December 20. And don't forget to tell me your ring size!


  1. WOW, you made that?'re very talented:)
    I dont know what kind of weather you are having but here in New Zealand its already hot and muggy so lots and lots of barbecues with the extended family, copious amounts of ice in our drinks and earplugs!!!! (the kids break up from school for 8 weeks of summer holidays)
    Enjoy the Christmas season :) ♥

  2. That's a beautiful ring! Let's see, my plans for the holiday season? Nothing too drastic or big. Just a lot of looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood, small dinner, quiet exchange of gifts. Also lots of snuggling when it starts getting colder.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I effing love mood rings!

    My Christmas plans involve no less than 1000 miles of driving around Arkansas. My husband and I have to visit my parents on Christmas Eve, and his parents on Christmas Day, so it's going to be a looooong weekend. We live at the northwestern corner of the state. My parents live in the south central region, and his parents live in the northeastern corner. It's worth it though to spend time with family :D
    I just hope it doesn't snow until we get back home! I don't want to get caught in a snowstorm while driving!

    Thanks for holding the contest!!

  4. I will be missing my children (as they will be at their dad's for Christmas this year) so I will be wiling away the time until I see them again co-authoring a book! And spending time with my parents and other family!

  5. Very nice artwork! I am just going to be doing the same thing I do everyday. Marketing my site, giving away my product. This is my full time job so I need to stay on top of things. I did just come back from 10 days in Hawaii though and it was great. I still worked everyday, though not the 10 houre days I usually do. is all good! In order to suceed big takes a big effort. That is what I am doing, giving it my all! Really nice site you have! Best wishes! And...have a merry Christmas!

  6. Well, so far it sounds like everyone's plans aren't to bad. Everyone has some cheer of one kind or another.

  7. Impromptu - you forgot a 'P' there. :-)

  8. Thank you Angus! FIXED! Spell check doesn't work on the titles and now saying the word I totally hear the second P >.<

  9. I usually spend my holiday with my family at the cabin but this season I guess I will spend it all with my son. I'm a new mom just gave birth of a baby boy last November 04 and being at the cabin is not a good idea since its too cold out there not good for me and my son.
    ringing some lonely friends for tea at my place will be a good thing I guess... keeps me company and keeping up with he lost time..

  10. I'll be wrangling my kids, and preparing for relatives to visit... I'm one of seven kids, and five of my siblings are coming over. With their families. (SHM)

    What are you going to be doing?