Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's recap! With a list!

I have to admit, this week was a pretty good one. I think I'll make a list.

1) I had my first author guest blog. We had a contest and lots of people commented.
2) My birthday was nice. My boyfriend made me dinner and I got done working early that day.
3) I won a few contests via other blogs and a person I follow on twitter.
4) I had a craft show where I sold my handmade jewelry and knitted items and made a pretty chunk of change.
5) I completely rewrote the ending of my story!
6) I eliminated 9 pages via rewriting and consolidating.

Those last two were new to me and a rush. I had never really rewritten or deleted chapters before. It worked out as I imagine editing does and what I ended up with is much better than the first. It's just the beginning too!

Since the story is written, now my goal is to fine tune. Make sure it doesn't drag, clear up any confusion, fix typos and delete repetition. Honestly, it all can get a little boring. Do I have to reread this part again? Yes, I do. Multiple times. I need to make sure the story stays on track and flows like water. It feels never ending and it's all very necessary. Because when I finally submit my query letter and sample chapters, hopefully the agent reads will be blown away by an amazing story and request the rest and BAM! Book published!

The easy part is done, now comes the hard part.

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