Sunday, November 14, 2010

I have been waiting for this week!

***Edit*** I originally said I was going to post Merrie's blog November 18th.... I changed my mind and am putting it up..... Now!

Let me repeat that, I have been waiting for this week! Why? Not because of my birthday near the end, possibly because the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out in theaters and mostly because my first guest author will be sending me a blog to post! Rejoice!

Yes, Merrie Destefano, author of Afterlife agreed to be a guest on my blog! Again, rejoice. Before this I had never had a guest blogger, hell, the blogs I had done were short lived and deleted quickly. Hence the excitement and request for rejoicing.

I asked her to talk about what made her want to publish a book and what she went through to get there, including a request to share any resources. I know she'll talk about said book and ask some questions to my readers (so you better comment!) I also sent her an email asking what she thought about a give away because I had a great idea for one. Which means I need to get out of the apartment and to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some clasps if I want to do the give away in mind. (Does that intrigue you about the give away? I hope so.)

(And when I say you, I'm looking at my friends, who for the most part have remained silent concerning my blog.)

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