Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Deeper Insight (and something every author likes to hear)

I was planning on doing a blog about once a week, but something on my mind now and it won't leave until it has had its say. Plus, I want to talk about it. I want to talk about my story, what sets it apart and why I want to do this.

As I've stated before my story is a vampire story. Tommy, our hero, gets turned and embarks on a journey to not only understand himself but humans. With him the whole time is his twin brother, Danny. When Danny goes to college Tommy meets a girl named Fallen that confuses and intrigues him. Later his family grows as Danny ages and continues life by marrying and having a child. Finally, there's one last girl that gets a hold of Tommy in a way he never thought possible. In between danger from Vampire Forces, a special division of the police tasked with finding and destroying vampires, threatens and an older vampire named Amy organizes vampire protests and shows Tommy he's not alone among vampires. That's the story in a nutshell and probably not a good nutshell. I'm horrible at describing my story. It's a love story so to speak, but not a traditional one where boy meets girl. The love extends more, to family and friends and how there's different kinds of love in the world, each one special.

At this point, you might say there's nothing new about vampire stories. They're all the rage now. You see them everywhere. Hundreds of books printed about vampires, covering it all!

Let me assure you though, that is not why my story is a vampire story. My story is a vampire story because Tommy said so.

You see, it all started with a little book called Thirsty by M.T. Anderson. I really haven't even read the book, bought it, was intrigued, scanned through it out of curiosity and loved how it ended. The ending was so dark and hopeless and it made me wonder: What happens to Chris next? As I went to bed that night, my mind kept wondering, extending the story this way and that. Then I forgot about it. I forgot about reading the book, the ending and curiosity and went back to whatever story I was working on at the time.

Then Tommy appeared. With a vengeance. He got into my head, refused to leave as he whispered in my ear. He said, I'm not Chris but I know what he felt, what went through his head as the thirst consumed him. I know what happens. Don't you want to know what happens to someone like me? Don't you want to hear my story? Soon it was all I could think about and I abandoned the story I was working on and started listening to what Tommy had to say (He probably hates me using his name right now!)

As I was listening to Tommy, I was still reading and the book I was reading was Twelfth Grade Kills. When I got done with it I had a thought, a wondering thought. If Auntie Heather (I've been a fanged smiley button wearing Minion for almost a year now,) can have the courage to do this, maybe I can too.

(At that point I felt like I was putting her down, saying that what she did was easy and anyone could do it. Which I'm not. I have been madly in love with her books from the moment I started reading and I'm eagerly awaiting her next one which will be all about Joss! Yay! Vampire hunters just get me like a stake through the heart!)

That's what started it, truly started it. It wasn't because vampire books were the rage (and honestly I think it's calming down,) or because I thought I'd be a best selling author like J.K. Rowling. It was because I felt inspired by another author, one I geeked out about. I want to do this because I want a book in my hands, to say I decided to do this and succeeded. To hell if no one reads the book or likes it. I like it! What other reason is there to write? If you don't love your own words how can it be any good?

This is my journey! My battle! I'll take the rejections and criticism the best I can. I'll crawl up hills if that's what it takes to make this a reality. Anything less would be a disgrace.

Can I get a few friends to cheer now?


  1. Wow...that was inspiring. I have been working on my book for over a year now. I am 16 and balancing a job, school, and a blog. But i feel so inspired to get back at my novel. I love to write. Its one of my favorite things in the world. So thank you for helping me realize my reasons for writing in the first place.

  2. You're very welcome! (and let me just say, that's another part of the whole reason for this blog. To let others know nothing's impossible and to find resources to help others.)