Sunday, October 24, 2010

Please say YES!

So it's been about ten days since I've started this journey. (Have you noticed my theme yet?) Ten days and maybe in some people's opinion haven't made much progress. Have I tried to contact any agents? No. Have I bookmarked dozen of pages on how to become a writer on google? No. So what have I done? Well, I made a big step today. I sent a message to an author I follow on facebook and twitter, asking if she would do a guest post for my blog.

I felt accomplished.

Okay, so maybe it's not a huge step, but it's a step I want to take. I want to hear other author's stories, find out what motivated them to start their own journey and how they felt along the way. Who knows, maybe I'll get some really good resources to help me out.  So who is this mystery author?

She's none other than Merrie Destefano.


Merrie Destefano. She is the author of Afterlife. While she is not new to the publishing world, this is her first book. I followed her on twitter and facebook and a group blog she is part of, seeing her excitement grow as release day came. I thought she'd be a good first pick to ask to share her experience. Email sent and fingers crossed, hopefully she'll say yes.

As for other authors I have in mind, I was thinking Heather Brewer who wrote The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, a series I love and part of my motivation to attempt this journey. Adrian Phoenix, author of The Maker's Song series and Hoodoo series and Kerrelyn Sparks, author of Love at Stake series. All those authors have books I love and admire. Their stories hook me, drag me in and don't release me even after the book is done.

Hopefully they will say yes and if not at least reply back with a, 'I'm flattered, but sorry, no.' Any negative responses will be good practice for when I send my story out to agents. I need to be realistic here, after all, not everyone is going to be swept silent by my writing genius. Ha, ha, right? I still have my fingers crossed that I will receive yes all across, until then...

Here's to another step in the journey!

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