Friday, October 15, 2010

Bitten by the writing bug

So what started it all? What got it in my head that I maybe have the possibility of being an author when, let's face it, writing wasn't my strong suite?

I've always been creative. When I was little I wanted to be a dancer, in middle school and high school I was all about art and in band. Even now, my job is creative. I work in a deli as a baker creating tasty treats and decorating cookies. Nothing insanely fancy, but it allows my creative juices to flow. Creativity is even in my blood, I was inspired into art by my grandpa's oil paintings, have a cousin that makes amazing cakes with fondant, aunts that quilt, grandma that crochets. The creativity is there, flowing from generation to generation. I can't help but be creative, but writing? I always had a problem, I had to be inspired to write something good. I couldn't sit and think up something creative. Still can't to a point.

What got me writing was two things:

One was my ex-boyfriend. I wrote a story, him as the main character. I killed him, put him through hell, then gave him a happy ending with a woman he loved. The story was full of characters I had imagined up through out the years. A red haired sorceress, a tiger girl, female ninja warrior, genetically altered girl, vampires. It was a hodgepodge of everything in my head, something I'll probably never show (at least not without some major rewrites and changes.) I think the story was more me coping with the break up. After all the ninja warrior I imagined looked like me and constantly told the main character (based on ex-boyfriend) 'You're so not my type.' I think it helped, plus it was fun. I enjoyed creating the story. And let's face it ladies, we all want our ex-lovers to suffer.

Second thing that got me writing, (I always feel like I'm plagiarising when I say this,) is I had a dream. (Yup, just like Stephanie Meyers, understand why I feel like I'm plagiarising?) The dream was about a girl and a vampire (again with the plagiarising.) They loved each other, wanted to be together and all that, but here's were it goes off on its own: The cast of True Blood was there. They didn't want the girl to be with the vampire because the vampire wasn't a normal vampire. He had been born a vampire, never human and therefore had no problem hunting and killing. It was normal for him. The girl still loved him though and the cast of True Blood was desperately trying to separate them. I woke with the urge to write this story.

So I did.

At first, all I had was the beginning. After all, there was no way I could use my dream in the story, not without copyright infringement. It didn't stop me, I wrote and wrote, creating Kris and Kristen. She was a headstrong women in her late twenties dreading thirty and he was a clueless 300+ vampire completely at ease with what he is. They met because he's hunting her, after all she smells delicious, but Kristen resists Kris' gaze, walking away and leaving him confused and before either know it, a relationship is born.

So where was the conflict? The plot of my dream? How do I do it?

Eventually, I figured out how to have the conflict from my dream: some one trying to separate Kris and Kristen but not the cast of True Blood. I wrote and wrote some more and as I was dragging the story on, going no past the resolution of the conflict, something happened. One of the characters came forward and spoke. He told me a story and before I knew it, I was writing Caleb's story down. Like with Kris and Kristen, I knew the beginning but what the conflict was didn't come until later.

That was the start for me. It was like a floodgate was open and I couldn't stop what came out. Most of the ideas are beginnings. I see the main characters, see their relationship and I start writing it and as I write the conflict in the plot comes to me. Sometimes, I see the conflict right away, but mostly I wait for the inspiration to hit and let it all come together that way.

So, that's it, what started it, the bug that bit me. It's only been until now that I've decided to pursue publishing a story. Maybe it's because up until now, I haven't felt any of my stories are worth telling. Either that or I've been to timid and finally got the nerve to do it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

PS: Both Kristen and Kris' story and Caleb's story have been finished. Whether I do anything with theirs is still up in the air. We'll see where this journey takes me.

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